It is Panic Time Again – Dead Panic

Dead-Panic visits another Fireside Game, this time prepare for a Zombie attack.

We have previously reviewed both “Castle Panic” (see our review on 25 July 2014) and “Munchkin Panic” (see our review on 2 January 2015). This time we have gathered our strength to defend our cabin from Zombies in a new game from Fireside Games, entitled “Dead Panic.” This semi-cooperative game requires 2-6 players (ages 13+) to defend themselves from a Zombie uprising, call for help by radio, race for a rescue vehicle and hopefully get out of there without being eaten alive. The Toys Bulletin staff was especially eager to play this game, as we had heard it provided substantial scares and suspense for 90 minutes or so. We love this stuff.


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Castle Combat – War With Cards

Castle Combat reviews an exciting game of combat from KidRealm.

We all remember playing the game of “War” when we were kids. The game, still played frequently today, involves a regular deck of playing cards (two players splitting the deck equally) and turning over one card at a time, with the high card claiming victory and taking both cards. The game can literally go on forever, but there is always a satisfying smile if you are the final victor, having claimed all of the cards. Well, “Castle Combat” has expanded on that basic theme with an easy to play, yet much more clever variation of that basic game.


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Fling A Ring – An Outdoor Game Where Frisbee Meets Horseshoes

Fling a Ring 4We met the folks from Fling a Ring at Toy Fair 2015, held in New York City just a few months ago.  This was one of the outdoor games that stood out to us at the show, and they had a nice display where we were able to test it.  But where this game really shined is when we got back home.  The weather improved, we put the stakes in the ground and got started with a group of kids excited to try it out.

The game setup is very simple.  It includes four discs and two posts that serve as goals.  This is great because the game is easily transportable, it can be set up in seconds anywhere, and kids of almost any age can get it up and running on their own.  The instructions are printed on the packaging, and the rules can be adapted to different aged kids, primarily the distance between the two posts.  The creators recommend a distance of 5-30 feet, and since I tested this with two kids aged seven and five, we started at about 5 feet until they could get the hang of throwing the disc.  But I stood back perhaps 20 feet which made the game much more challenging.


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Wind-Up Toys : Making a Comeback

Z WindUp looks at the latest in plastic wind-up toys from Z WindUps.

When you think of wind-up toys, your mind sometimes takes you back to toys that were being produced in the 1930s and 1940s. Well, it might be time to change your thinking, because we have come across a collection of wind-up toys that brings back not only the nostalgic days of years past but also are very much relevant for today. These wind-up toys are produced by Z WindUps and they will certainly have universal appeal not only to wind-up toy enthusiasts, but also to anyone who has been looking for a toy with unique designs and functions. We play tested 7 different wind-up toys from Z WindUps, representing just 3 design categories. We actually counted around 167 different wind-ups in the entire product line.


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Brobo: A New Plush Robot Toy

Brobo reviews a futuristic friend for little ones from Hog Wild Toys.

It is always fun to see what will be coming next in the area of plush toys, and we have found a good one for sure. “Brobo,” from Hog Wild Toys, was recently introduced to an unsuspecting public, featuring some very clever nighttime solutions that will surely capture the imagination of youngsters ages 18 months and older.

Brobo 2“Brobo” currently offers 5 different designs, including Brobo, Pep, Trex, Mumu and Dog, each one a different color. We got a hold of an Orange Trex, which we are reviewing. Our Trex stands approximately 14″ tall, with a short body, cute face and a wonderful pair of larger than expected eyes. All of this is highlighted by a blue & white beanie placed strategically towards the back of his head. It is huggable for sure.


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Little Pim – Language Program for Kids

LIttle Pim looks at a Foreign Language Learning Program from Little Pim Corporation.

We have seen and tested many foreign language programs over the years, but we wanted to bring “Little Pim” to our readers’ attention because it is certainly one of the best out there. Julia Pimsleur Levine is the founder and creator of “Little Pim,” and she has specifically designed this program for youngsters 6 years old and under. Educators have stressed that the best time to learn a second language is during the early years of development. “Little Pim” has done just that, and currently offers 11 different languages.


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Sweet Berry Baby Doll and a Carrier too

Sweet Berry Baby reviews a newly released doll from Paradise Galleries and a Baby Carrier from Adora.

What makes spring and summer so special? The smell of fresh fruit, and the wonders of a new born baby.

You can’t go wrong with Paradise Galleries’ latest addition to their fabulous doll collection – “Sweet Berry Baby.” Hand sculpted by Lisa Gregg, this 20 inch little darling will certainly make any Doll Collector smile with delight. A native of Omaha, Nebraska, Lisa is a multiple award winner and recognized as a Master Artist by the Professional Doll Makers’ Art Guild. Combine that with Paradise Galleries’ superb quality and distinctive style, and this little “Sweet Berry Baby” is a sure hit.


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Tiggly – Games, Apps and So Much More reviews a pair of special learning toys from Tiggly.

Tiggly Shapes 1We were more than pleased when we play tested both “Tiggly Shapes” and “Tiggly Counts.” But first, let’s talk about Tiggly, a trademark of Kidtellect Inc., which was founded in 2012 and is based out of New York City. Their goal was and is to create interactive games and apps to develop the early learning skills of toddler age children. Their first project was “Tiggly Shapes,” which teaches kids (18 months and up) how to recognize shapes, develop motor skills and even learn the basics of other languages. Their second release, “Tiggly Counts,” was geared toward early math skills, and intended for those 3 years old and up. It supports 10 different languages, and makes introductory number recognition a fun exercise for sure.


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