Presto Cabana – The Easy to Set-Up Tent

Presto Cabana looks at a perfect indoor/outdoor tent for young children from Pacific Play Tents.

Tents in general really do have a bad reputation as being difficult to assemble, time consuming and taking more than one adult to set-up. Well, “Pacific Play Tents” may well have solved all of those problems with their new “Presto Cabana.” Here is a tent that really is easy to put together, literally taking only a few seconds and done with ease by just one person.

“Presto Cabana” uses what they call an “instant hub system,” which is the key to easy assembly. Set-up is truly a breeze, as one person simply lifts straight up on a pull cord located in the center of the “instant hub system,” and once the cord reaches a certain height, “Presto Cabana” pops open and it is ready for play. Every member of the Toys Bulletin staff took a turn opening the tent and it worked just as advertised each and every time.


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Dolls Made in Paradise looks at a pair of dolls from Paradise Galleries.

Little Red Riding Hood:

Little Red Riding Hood 1Another Paradise Galleries’ work of art, “Little Red Riding Hood” is a fine example of beautiful design and craftsmanship. Sculpted by world renowned artist Sherri Williams, this 12” tall doll is made of a fine bisque porcelain and is remarkable in every detail. This edition is only limited to 90 porcelain firing days and arrives with a hand-numbered certificate authenticating your collectible edition heirloom doll. Of course, she arrives in Paradise Galleries’ signature blue with pink and white flowers box. This sturdy box can become a suitable storage place to keep “Red” safe as well.


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Bloodsuckers – Vampire vs Hunter

Bloodsuckers looks at another winning game from Fireside Games.

The staff at Toys Bulletin is very used to seeing what is purported to be a “new” game, but then turns out to be a simple rehash of an old idea. On the other hand, “Fireside Games” continues to release games that are genuine and new in concept, truly unlike anything else out in the marketplace. “Bloodsuckers” fits that mold perfectly.

“Bloodsuckers” is a game pitting Vampires (the bloodsuckers) against Hunters (those who are hunting the bloodsuckers), each trying to outmaneuver the other to gain control of the town of Blackwood. There are five key locations in the town where innocent bystanders are scrambling for their lives. Players will choose sides and do battle attempting to defeat their opponent, secure the locations one by one, and convert the bystanders to their way of thinking.


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Broom Service – Are you Brave or Cowardly?

Broom Service reviews a new game release from Ravensburger USA Inc.

“Broom Service” is a board game about successfully delivering potions throughout a magical kingdom. “Broom Service” includes a double-sided game board measuring approximately 14″ x 21″, 60 game cards, including 10 event cards and 50 role cards (5 colors of 10 cards each), 10 pawns, 5 victory point markers, 60 potions (20 of 3 colors each), 24 heavy clouds and 24 magic wands. There are also some additional game pieces included that are used with advanced games or variations to the basic game. Lastly, there is a colorful 12 page set of rules and a handy player aid card. The game is suggested for 2-5 players ages 10 years old and up.


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Bucky Lasek’s Ramps & Rails – Skateboarding for the Younger Kids

Ramps & Rails reviews a fast moving board game based on the sport of skateboarding from Mindtwister USA.

First of all, the game we are about to review was inspired by the daughter of vert skateboarding king “Bucky Lasek.” For those readers who are not familiar with vert skateboarding, it involves riding a skateboard on a ramp, and then suddenly changing from the horizonatal plane to the vertical while performing a variety of tricks. Bucky is considered to be among the best vert skateboarders of all time, if not the very best. His images are sprinkled throughout the game adding to a colorful fun experience aimed at kids as young as 4 years old.


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Demolition Lab–Wrecking Ball

Demolition Lab wrecking ball learns how to demolish buildings with a great new toy from “SmartLab Toys.”

We were especially excited to hear and read about the newest addition to the “Demolition Lab” product line, that being the “Wrecking Ball.” For those readers unfamiliar with “Demolition Lab,” wall panels, roofs and floors are used to construct multi-story buildings. Then, a battery powered blaster, in the form of a plunger type detonator, is set and kids can watch the entire structure crumble to the ground.


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Quoridor – Kids’ Edition

Quoridor kids looks at a kids’ version of “Quoridor” from Gigamic and distributed by Back Alley Traders.

Toys Bulletin originally reviewed “Quoridor” in 2014 (see our review from 24 March 2014), and we were impressed enough to name it one of our “Best of 2014.” Now, there is a special edition of this fine game with some very appealing features for the younger crowd.

Quoridor kids 2For those unfamiliar with “Quoridor,” it is a game for 2-4 players, where competitors must move their player pieces from their side of the board to the other side before their opponent does the same. On each turn, a player has the option to move his playing piece or place a fence anywhere on the board, which can effectively block his opponent from moving forward, thus hindering his travel across the board. Player moves can be in any direction, but only one square at a time. The fence pieces can be placed horizontally or vertically, and are large enough to block two squares at a time. The only rule that has to be followed is that there must always be at least one open path to the other side. In other words, players cannot run a fence line straight across the board making it impossible to get to the other side.


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Dragonwood – Two Powerful Dragons Stand in Your Way

Dragonwood 1 reviews another exciting game from Gamewright.

The fine folks at “Gamewright” have delivered another top notch game to the marketplace. The Toys Bulletin staff always reads each and every page of the rulebook for every game we review before we play test the product. After reading the rules to “Dragonwood,” there was no doubt that this would be a winning game, and after actually playing the game on and off for about 4 weeks, we were right for sure.

“Dragonwood” is a game for 2-4 players (ages 8 years old and up), combining dice and cards into a thrilling experience that can be played in just 20-30 minutes. The game contents include 64 Adventurer cards (5 different color suits with cards from 1-12) plus 4 Lucky Ladybug cards (allowing two draw cards instead of one), 42 Dragonwood cards (including 29 Creature cards, 9 Enhancement cards and 4 Event cards), 6 specially designed six-sided dice and 2 player-aid cards.


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