WOW: World of Words

WOW reviews a word game from U.S. Games Systems, Inc.

Here is a word game that gives you a bit of an assist while playing. WOW (World of Words) actually provides the first and last letter of the winning words. The game contents include 17 blue cards, each with the first letter of the word, and 16 red cards containing the last letter of the word. Each of the cards, blue or red, reveals a different letter. There is also a one minute timer, a score pad and a short set of rules.

One blue card and one red card are drawn each turn, and then players write as many words (5 letters or more) that begin and end with those letters. Points are awarded based on the number of words that can be secretly written before the one minute timer expires. Words with 5-8 letters earn 1 point each, and words with 9 or more letters earn 2 points each. If the same word is WOW 2written down by different players, only one of them is counted, as players read their words one at a time in a clockwise order. The first player to read a word gets the points. Points are recorded for each player on one of the score sheets and accumulated after each turn.


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Indigo: Build Your Route, Collect the Gems

Indigo looks at a fast playing game from Ravensburger.

Here is a strategic board game that can actually be played in less than 30 minutes, and is suggested for ages 8-99. “Indigo” was first released in 2012, and it is truly an enjoyable board game experience. The object of the game is to place route tiles to form a pathway to transport gems directly to one of the gateway exits owned by that player. The player who gathers the highest value in gems wins the game. However, it is not quite as easy as it sounds.


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BraveRats: A Small Game That Plays Very Big

BraveRats looks at a new card game from Blue Orange.

Toys Bulletin was pleased to discover a two-player game that can be played in just 5 minutes by kids as young as 8 years old. That game is “BraveRats,” a new release from Blue Orange that pits two clans of rats (Yargs and Applewoods) in head to head combat against each other, with the winner claiming control of the kingdom.

The game includes just 16 cards, two matching sets of 8 cards (one blue and one red) representing each of the two clans. The Yargs use the 8 blue cards and the Applewoods use the 8 red cards. The eight cards include a Musician, Princess, Spy, Assassin, Ambassador, Wizard, General and Prince. Each of the cards has a strength value from 0-7 with the Musician having the lowest value and the Prince having the highest. Each card also has a special power that is written along the bottom of the card.


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Flower Power: It’s a Doll from Madame Alexander

Flower Power has their say about an adorable 18″ doll.

Combine the retro 60s and an attractive blond doll and you have a winner. “Flower Power,” part of the Favorite Friends collection, is a very hip styled doll that would be considered very “cool” by any little girl. This 18″ beauty arrives in the attractive pink signature Madame Alexander box and you are immediately impressed with her sweet face and fashion perfect outfit. This articulated doll has a vinyl head, arms and legs featuring a soft fabric body which flexes especially well when striking a pose on your doll shelf. The firm vinyl breast plate allows the clothes to stay put, thus keeping a natural shape without wrinkling the outfit.


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1000 and One Treasures: Collect the Jewels of the 40 Thieves

1000 and One Treasures reviews a game of discovery inside a mysterious cave from HABA USA.

Some of the best games we see come from HABA USA, especially those geared to younger children. “1000 and One Treasures” is no exception, as it features a fast playing time (15 minutes or so), short easy to understand rules, high quality game pieces and a simply nifty idea for a game. The setting is a cave filled with treasures, just ripe for the picking by Ali Baba and his friends. But, there is a bit of a problem because the Bandit Thief and the 40 thieves happen to be on their way back to the cave. They will not be happy finding anyone stealing their treasures.


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Warhammer 40,000 – The Adventure Continues

Warhammer 40,000 takes a closer look at the history and universe surrounding “Warhammer 40,000.”

Back in April of this year, we reviewed a fantastic game called “Warhammer 40,000″ on our website (see review). We continue to play the game today, and have even come up with some battle strategies of our own that we believe has raised our level of expertise considerably compared to just a few months back. Although playing the game has been particularly rewarding, our staff and readers wanted more. The question was how could we learn more about the world of “Warhammer 40,000?” Well, we decided that we needed to read and study the game in a bit more detail. As a result, we got our hands on several of the hardcover books sold by the creators, “Games Workshop Limited.”


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Modular Toys: Grand Prix Mega Racetrack

Modular Toys looks at a new building set from Modular Toys.

Here is a great new construction toy that lets kids design and build their own racetracks and highway systems from the ground up. It is the 96 piece “Grand Prix Mega Racetrack,” from Modular Toys. The set allows the construction to be stacked vertically without limits, featuring bridges, ramps, and interchanges. There is even a unique snap together method of attaching the various pieces and an extractor tool included for easy disassembly.


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Baa-Baa Barn – Kids’ Toys Don’t Get Any Better

Baa Baa Barn reviews an impressive toy for toddlers from B.Toys.

“Baa-Baa Barn” distributed by B.Toys is one of those classic toys that is sure to last for many years filling your child with delight and fond memories. It is an interactive, musical and educational toy experience perfect for children and even some adults. B.Toys is a unique marvel that somehow provides sensory stimulation, fun and safety, yet always keeps environmental concerns in the forefront. For example, B.Toys provides totally recyclable packaging (including the ties used to protect the toys in transit) and soy-based inks are even used on their packaging. The toys are designed to be so sturdy that they are recycled the old-fashioned way – by being handed down from one child to another.


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