Kabaleo – Careful Placement of Pyramids is the Key

Kabaleo 1ToysBulletin.com reviews a very fast strategic game from Gigamic and distributed by Back Alley Traders.

Here is an interesting game that arrived in our office recently. It is called “Kabaleo,” and the game requires players to discretely place a certain color of round pyramid pieces in the playing area. This needs to be done in such a way, that by the end of the game the majority of the colors still in play are your own. This is not as easy as it sounds.

“Kabaleo” is a game designed for 2-4 players ages 8 years old and up, and it includes 66 of the pyramid shaped pieces, along with a handy cloth storage bag. Among the 66 pieces, there are 6 pieces in 6 different colors that are only used to choose each players target color (color is only visible on these pieces by turning the pyramid upside down), 24 base pieces (4 in each of 6 colors) marked with a single color ring, and 36 pieces (6 in each of 6 colors) with two color rings. Depending on the number of players, the rules designate how many of the various pieces are used. For example, in a two-player game, only 4 colors are used. So, in that case, the game requires only 4 pieces for choosing a target color, 16 base pieces with a single color ring and 24 pieces with two color rings.


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Stratos Spheres & Math Dice Chase – Both from Thinkfun

Strotos Spheres 1ToysBulletin.com looks at two new games from Thinkfun Inc.

“Stratos Spheres” is a strategy game for two players ages 7 years old and up, with no game board or playing cards. Instead it includes 12 blue spheres, 12 gold spheres and 1 white sphere. Each of the spheres is approximately 1½” in diameter, containing 3 pegs and 3 holes. The object of the game is to connect 4 spheres of one color together in a row, before your opponent and win the game. To set things up, each player receives all of either the blue or gold spheres. To begin play, players alternate turns connecting one of their colored spheres to the ever growing three dimensional figure. The white sphere is considered the starting sphere and cannot be claimed as one of the “four in a row.”


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IQ-KEY Perfect 1000 – The Spirit of an Old Favorite Brought Back to Life

IQ KEY Perfect 1000 1Our Editor talks about a game experience that still impacts him today.

When I was a young boy growing up in the eighties, there was one toy that stood out among all others as a personal favorite and it was called Capsela. Capsela was a building set that used interconnected plastic capsules with motors and gears inside to create a machine. Once assembled, you could actually wire the motors to a battery pack and the machine would come to life.  There were even sets that could move across water, with the motor powering a spinning propeller. I was captivated by this toy and the possibilities it created. I was especially lucky enough to have my parents keep my old Capsela sets so now I can enjoy them with my own children.


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Dimension – Stack Your Spheres to Win

Dimension 1aToysBulletin.com reviews a unique game release from Thames & Kosmos.

“Dimension” is a new type of game that incorporates fast reactions and logical thinking, all using 5 sets of colored marble like spheres. The game requires 1-4 players, and is suggested for ages 8 years old and up. To get things started, all players receive 15 spheres, 3 in each of five different solid colors. The spheres are larger than a traditional marble, each measuring approximately 1″ in diameter and 3″ in circumference. The spheres are weighted, well-made and have a quality feel. Each player also receives a player tray to store their spheres, which includes a playing area where the spheres are positioned during game play. Additionally, players start the game with 10 points worth of tokens used for scoring purposes, and a player-aid card.


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Zombie Run! – Flee from the Zombies

Zombie Run 1ToysBulletin.com looks at a Zombie card game from The Haywire Group, Inc.

This seems to be Zombie week at Toys Bulletin, so let’s take a look at a fast moving Zombie card game. “Zombie Run!” is a card game with 75 playing cards, each picturing a particular number of zombies. Fifteen of the cards have no zombies at all and fifteen others show the maximum horde of 15 zombies. The remaining 45 cards show varying sizes of zombie groups ranging from 1-9 per card. The zombie numbers are shown on each of the cards.


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Zombicide – Amazing Game

Zombicide 1ToysBulletin.com reviews an exciting Zombie game from “Cool Mini or Not” and “Guillotine Games.”

Every couple of years, the Toys Bulletin staff uncovers a really special game, and “Zombicide” is one of those games. Although new to us, “Zombicide” was actually first released in 2012, followed by numerous followup expansions and additions. This is a game for those who have been looking for the ultimate Zombie game. It can be played by 1-6 players, with a suggested age of 13 years old and up.


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Thieves! – A Race for the Loot

Thieves 1ToysBulletin.com reviews a new game release from Calliope Games.

“Thieves!” is a card game that gives every player a chance to be the better thief. A thief generally steals things, and in the game of “Thieves!,” that is the objective. The goal is to accumulate more stolen loot than any of your opponents by the end of the game.

“Thieves!” is nicely packaged in a colorful box, and includes 58 game cards. There are 26 loot cards, with values ranging from 0-3, 12 police cards, 14 thief cards and 6 handy player reference cards. There is a also a small package of 7 gem tokens that are used when playing an extended version of the game. “Thieves!” is designed for 3-6 players ages 8 years old and up, and a game can generally be completed in less than 30 minutes.


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Tapple – Time for a Word Game

Tapple 1ToysBulletin.com looks at new game from USAOPOLY, Inc.

We had not reviewed a word game in some time, and suddenly “Tapple” appeared. The game is packaged in a brightly colored blue box with the game letters printed in a bold red across the front. When you first see the game box, you want to open it immediately, and we did just that.

“Tapple” is the kind of word game that can be played by anyone, because the key to the game is simply coming up with a word that begins with any one of the provided letters. “Tapple,” which stands for Touch Activated ress & lay Letter Eliminator is actually a very clever round wheel. There are 20 tabs surrounding the wheel, each representing a different letter of the alphabet. However, the letters q, u, v, x, y and z are not used, a decision that keeps the game moving faster for sure. In the very center of the wheel is a large round red button, which when pressed starts and resets a 10 second timer, Tapple 2complete with sounds and all. The wheel does require 2 AA batteries to run the timer, and the batteries are not included. The game includes 36 category cards, including 144 different categories. One side of the cards includes easier categories for younger players.


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