A Toys Bulletin Quick Look : Toy Boarders

toyboarders 2ToysBulletin.com looks at some action sports figures from “AJ’s Toy Boarders.”

There is no doubt that kids love to play with small miniature figures of all kinds. “AJ’s Toy Boarders” has released a series of such figures featuring action poses of snowboarders, skateboarders and surfers, which we believe are among the first in the industry. Each type of rider comes in 8 different poses, and are sold in packages of 24 figures each. Every figure measures approximately 1½”-2″ in height and all are green in color, sort of reminding you of the toy soldiers of yesteryear.


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Baby Stella Sweet Sounds – A Perfect First Doll

Baby Stella 1ToysBulletin.com looks at a fascinating doll from The Manhattan Toy Company.

The “Baby Stella Sweet Sounds Doll” will provide genuine excitement to little ones holding their first baby doll. Made of soft velour material, “Baby Stella” will capture your heart as she makes sweet sounds just like a real baby. In fact, the “Baby Stella Sweet Sounds Doll” was selected as the winner of a 2014 Cribsie Award as the Ultimate First Doll in the Play Category, and the Toys Bulletin staff can certainly affirm the choice. We predict with confidence that “Baby Stella” will be the soft doll that inspires the most creative play in children 1-3 years old.


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Cinema Box- Kids Get Their Own Movie Theater

ToysBulletin.com reviews another fine product from Moulin Roty distributed by Magicforest Ltd.

Cinema Box 1There is no doubt that kids love to make movies and show them to their friends and family. Well, the French company Moulin Roty has created a most unique product that makes showing movies a very simple process for even the littlest of children. It is called the “Cinema Box.” On the outside front of the box, you will see the French words, “Au Cinéma ce soir…la séance va commencer!” Our rough English translation for that is “The Movies tonight…..let’s start the show.” And once you open the box lid, which is nicely tied with ribbon, several surprises await.


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Poker and a Puzzle – from GEOtoys

presidents poker 1ToysBulletin gets a bit smarter with two new products from GEOtoys. 

First up is a game that will make you an overnight expert on the US Presidents. It is called “Presidents Poker,” and it features 44 presidential cards (every president included) and two wild cards. Each card is oversized, measuring approximately 3″ x 5″, and every presidential card lists that president’s birth city, college attended, number of children and height. Additionally, there is a drawing of the president on the card, his first and last name, birth and death year and the order of his presidency. Finally, there is yet another quirky piece of information listed on the presidential card, indicating whether that president was left-handed or had red hair.


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tak•tak – A Strategic Battle Awaits You

tak-tak 1ToysBulletin.com reviews a new board game from Twist On Games, LLC.

The Toys Bulletin staff may have play tested the game of tak•tak more than any other in recent memory. We did so because each time we played, we saw additional strategies and moves that had escaped us during previous games. We also played it a lot because we simply enjoyed the challenge.

The game arrives in a sturdy box containing 24 plastic chips (12 black and 12 white), and a game board measuring approximately 10½” W x 12½” L. The playing surface features a 6 x 7 grid of 42 squares where the game is played. Each of the chips (about 1½”  square) is numbered with either a 10, 20, 30 or 40 in one of 3 colors, blue, green or yellow.


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Kahuna – An Adventure in the South Seas

Kahuna 1ToysBulletin.com takes a fresh look at the game of Kahuna from Thames & Kosmos.

We were especially excited to get a chance to play and learn the game of “Kahuna.” Although not a new game, it was a game that had somehow escaped our review radar. Now, in 2015, Thames & Kosmos, known for producing some of the finest science kits in the world, has entered the game arena, and one of the first games on their product list is “Kahuna.”

As it turns out, “Kahuna” is an easy game to play, but proves to be a challenge to master. The object of this two-player game is to claim control of more islands than your opponent. The game board measures approximately 12″ x 15″ and depicts 12 islands in the South Seas. The islands are all connected to one or more adjacent islands by a series of bridges. The game includes 25 black and 25 white bridge pieces (all made of wood), along with 10 black and 10 white Kahuna tokens (also made of wood), used to show which player controls an island. There are also 24 Island cards which allow players to build bridges and eventually gain control of various islands.


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More Wind-Up Toys for Kids of Every Age

Zwindups 1aToysBulletin.com finds even more clever wind-up toys.

We reviewed several wind-up toys from “Z Windups” back on 6 April 2015 (see our review), and the response was so favorable that we just had to share a few more of their products with our readers. Last time, we looked at three different design categories, and today, we are going to look at three more.

Zwindups 2aFirst up is the line of “Z Windups,” maybe more of a standard design category, but each one of the wind-ups is so unique in its movement. We looked at “Scamper,” a squirrel balancing an acorn above its head, spinning and jumping, all while wagging its tale and moving his legs as fast as he can. Then we play tested “Skippy,” a monkey who skipped roped, wiggled his ears and moved in a circle while jumping. Both of these wind-ups measured approximately 3½” high and featured translucent plastic bodies showing the inner workings of the wind-ups. No batteries are needed to operate the wind-ups, just a quick turn of the small red knob, and the wind-up is up and going. “Scamper” and “Skippy” each retail for $4.95 each.


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Lyla Tov Monsters – Play & Protect

Lyla Tov Monsters 1ToysBulletin.com takes a close up look at a new line of plush toys.

Look out Monsters! Squonk and Madeline are attacking and they will spare no monster left in the closet. These adorable, huggable “monsters” will rid your home of any luring, ugly, stinky or grumpy monsters. Easy to use too; simply hug and the monsters disappear. Four adorable “monsters” from Lyla Tov Monsters are now available to terminate bad dreams and serve as a protector of a good night’s sleep. Lyla Tov (“Good Night” in Hebrew), was the original creation of Lyla Black – a three year old who made her first monster for her dad, Eric Black, as a gift. The recipient of the 2014 Young Inventor of the Year TAGIE award, Lyla comes by creativity naturally. Her mother, Erin Black, a two time Emmy award winning costume designer for Sesame Street and the Jim Henson Company had worked with monsters for over ten years. Lyla’s father Eric has also worked extensively for the Jim Henson Company as well as for Scholastic Media. Hard to miss with this family combo team.


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