Isotta Discovery Car – An Italian Gem

Isotta Discovery Car reviews an educational automobile from Quercetti and International Playthings LLC.

The “Isotta Discovery Car” is a nine piece plastic car that shows the inner workings of the pistons, gears and even the differential. But first a little history, back in the early 1900s, Cesare Isotta and Vincenzo Fraschini (both Italians), began producing a super luxury automobile designed primarily for the extremely wealthy buyer. In fact, it is said that no two were alike. Although the Isotta never became a success, Quercetti has used that great automobile name to present this plastic car for kids.


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S.C.O.U.T. – A New Line of 16″ Dolls reviews one of the “S.C.O.U.T.” dolls from The Manhattan Toy Company.

SCOUT Finch 3The Manhattan Toy Company recently introduced a new line of three 16″ cloth dolls and accessories that make up the “S.C.O.U.T.” collection. “S.C.O.U.T.” is an acronym for Smart, Curious, Open, Unafraid and True. The dolls are named Leaf, Finch and Sofia, and each certainly has their own sense of style. We are going to look at Finch today in more detail.

SCOUT Finch 2Finch is a young lady with lots of friends, who also loves to go skateboarding, and when she is out on her board, she wants to go as fast as she can. Finch has eye-catching brown curls and embroidered facial features. She wears a light blue shirt that reads, “fast faster fastest” (how appropriate), covered by a smart black jacket with a Velcro fastener, a short green skirt with a fish net overlay, polka dot black pants and black strapped sandals. She is even carrying a pink backpack to complete the look. This young lady certainly has her own sense of style.


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Code Master – Program your Avatar

Code Master 1 reviews a new programming challenge from Thinkfun Inc.

We have to begin by saying that we simply loved play testing this game. “Code Master” is a single player game for ages 8 years old and up, and in addition to being fun to play, it also introduces youngsters (and some oldsters too) the basics of programming, stressing flowcharts, movement, direction, and even conditional decision making. The object of the game is to complete programs which direct an Avatar along a path from a given point on a map to an ending Portal using various tokens.


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Ozobot Bit 2.0 – The Next Generation of Tiny Robots

Ozobot Bit 2.0 follows the progression of Ozobots.

Last Fall, Toys Bulletin reviewed the award winning Ozobot 1.0, a new type of robot (see our review from 21 November 2014). Now, Evollve Inc. has released version 2.0, and it includes a very exciting upgrade. First of all, “Ozobot Bit 2.0” does everything that the original Ozobot did, including the ability to follow a set of Ozocodes, which are color coded commands that control the Ozobot’s speed, direction, and all of its movements. The Ozocodes can easily be drawn using colored markers, or by using Ozocards that are already coded. There are also a pair of apps available that allow the Ozobot to perform moves right on your tablet. The Ozogroove app is especially entertaining, since the Ozobot can be programmed to make some serious dance moves.


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My Friend Teddy – Customize Your Own Cuddly Teddy Bear

My Friend Teddy looks at a new interactive Teddy Bear from Genesis Toys.

“My Friend Teddy” is a soft squeezable Teddy Bear that measures just under 12″ tall in a seated position. Our review Teddy featured tan fur, a blue short-sleeved shirt, brown eyes, brown nose and a cute tuft of golden hair atop his head. The most exciting thing about “My Friend Teddy” is that he can be customized to speak, tell stories, play games and memorize lots of facts input by its owner. Here’s how to set things up……


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Mixxie Mopsie – A Doll Not to be Missed

Mixxie Mopsie looks at a new doll release from Adora.

“Mixxie Mopsie” is a 16″ soft doll that currently comes in two different versions, “Jazzy Sparkles” and “Hugsy Daisy.” Our review doll was “Jazzy Sparkles,” and she arrives in the classic Adora pink and purple box, greeting you through the see-through plastic “window.” She is colorfully dressed in a fluffy purple tutu with bright green and dark green tights, complete with darling pink shoes that are covered in tiny white hearts and a fixed velour pale blue bow. Her soft blue striped knit body even features two embroidered pink hearts. There is also a sturdy pink and white polka dot romper that provides a complimentary interchangeable outfit for your little one to play with.


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Zeven Card Zombie/Seven Card Samurai – Choose Your Genre

Zeven Card Zombie 1Toys Bulletin reviews a pair of games from Mindtwister USA.

We love Zombies and Samurai, and the folks at Mindtwister USA have created two strategic fun family games featuring both. In “Zeven Card Zombie,” players must collect and protect the most brains, while in “Seven Card Samurai,” players must defend their village and its valuable rice from Ninjas and bandits.

Seven Card Samurai 1Each game contains 74 playing cards and a bag of 80 markers. There is a rummy feel to the games, and both have identical rules. However, the illustrations on the playing cards are far different for each game and all of the cards are beautifully done, featuring your choice of Zombies or Samurai. The Zombie playing cards are also shaped like a coffin, whereas the Samurai cards are a traditional rectangular size. The markers feature either Brains or Rice pictured on circular stones. So, pick your favorite genre, and get ready to play.


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Ronnie Rocket – Wow! reviews a toy for toddlers from Wow Toys distributed by Reeves International.

Ronnie Rocket 1Wow is right! “Ronnie Rocket” is sure to be a “blastoff” hit with children up to five years old. This colorful yellow and red space rocket includes its own action figure, Major Tom, a little removable spaceman who sits atop the rocket and helps children take off on their celestial adventures. Little ones will love the pull-cord motor which begins a countdown to launch, and parents will be pleased to learn that no batteries are required. Besides simply being a great toy, “Ronnie Rocket” is a sturdy imaginative product that encourages and develops fine motor skills and social development.


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