Marrakech: Amass a Fortune in the Rug Business

marrakech reviews another Gigamic game distributed by Back Alley Traders.

Gigamic Games, which is a successful French game company, continues to publish some of the best games we see, always using the highest quality materials too. Their games are distributed here in the USA by Back Alley Traders and today we are going to look at another one of their board games entitled “Marrakech.” The actual city of Marrakech is the 4th largest in Morocco, and continues to be well known for its fine Berber carpets. So, it makes sense that a game with this title would feature the rug market.


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7 Ate 9: Fast Moving Number Game

7 ate 9 looks at an easy to learn card game from Out of the Box Publishing, Inc.

There seems to be lots of word games out there to play, games with tiles, letters and timers. But, it is nice to see the occasional game that tests a player’s basic math skills, especially one that can be played by anyone 8 years old and up. One such game is “7 Ate 9,” and it delivers not only a quick fun test of addition and subtraction, but a typical game can be played in 5-10 minutes.


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Lords of Vegas: Risk vs Reward

lords of las vegas reviews a new board game from Mayfair Games, Inc.

The Toys Bulletin office is located in Reno, Nevada, so we are always ready and willing to play any game that features one of the two largest cities in the state. In this case, we are are looking at “Lords of Vegas,” a monopoly type of game with players buying property and building casinos along the famous Las Vegas strip. The winner of the game is determined based on the player who controls the best and largest casinos.


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Super Slamwich: Bigger Cards Mean More Fun

Super Slamwich looks at a favorite from Gamewright.

It is hard to believe that “Slamwich” has been around since 1994. But the game makers at Gamewright have come up with a great idea for the 20th anniversary. They have just released “Super Slamwich,” the same popular game, but with supersized cards, making the the food and bread shaped cards appear to be actual size.

“Super Slamwich” includes 55 extra large playing cards (44 food cards, 3 thief cards and 8 muncher cards). Each of the cards measures approximately 7″ long and 5½” wide. Before beginning, players should make sure they are familiar with the different types of foods represented by the cards and be able to quickly identify them along with the thief and muncher cards. To be more specific, the food cards include 4 each of the following foods:


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Stack & Pull Train: A Real Treat for Little Ones

Stack & Pull Train looks at an impressive wood train distributed by The Manhattan Toy Company.

The “Stack & Pull Train” is advertised as an activity toy, but it honestly far exceeds that simple description. It features 3 wooden cars, each attachable to each other, and 18 painted accessory pieces (also made of wood) used to fill the cars with various shapes sure to make little children smile. All of the pieces are interchangeable, colorful and meet the highest safety standards. There is even a cord attached to the front of one of the cars that can be used to pull the train.


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Perplexus Warp: Unique Shape Increases the Challenge

Perplexus Warp looks at the latest version of Perplexus from Patch Products.

We got very excited when we first saw the “Perplexus Warp,” as the challenge was no longer hiding inside a transparent plastic sphere, but rather in an odd shaped egg-like container called a spherical octahedron. The game is played in much the same way as the four previously released “Perplexus” models, but this time there is even more to captivate your senses. Toys Bulletin had previously reviewed both the “Perplexus Epic and Rookie” models back in December 2011, but we had been hearing about the newly shaped “Perplexus Warp,” and were especially anxious to get our hands on one.


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WOW: World of Words

WOW reviews a word game from U.S. Games Systems, Inc.

Here is a word game that gives you a bit of an assist while playing. WOW (World of Words) actually provides the first and last letter of the winning words. The game contents include 17 blue cards, each with the first letter of the word, and 16 red cards containing the last letter of the word. Each of the cards, blue or red, reveals a different letter. There is also a one minute timer, a score pad and a short set of rules.

One blue card and one red card are drawn each turn, and then players write as many words (5 letters or more) that begin and end with those letters. Points are awarded based on the number of words that can be secretly written before the one minute timer expires. Words with 5-8 letters earn 1 point each, and words with 9 or more letters earn 2 points each. If the same word is WOW 2written down by different players, only one of them is counted, as players read their words one at a time in a clockwise order. The first player to read a word gets the points. Points are recorded for each player on one of the score sheets and accumulated after each turn.


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Indigo: Build Your Route, Collect the Gems

Indigo looks at a fast playing game from Ravensburger.

Here is a strategic board game that can actually be played in less than 30 minutes, and is suggested for ages 8-99. “Indigo” was first released in 2012, and it is truly an enjoyable board game experience. The object of the game is to place route tiles to form a pathway to transport gems directly to one of the gateway exits owned by that player. The player who gathers the highest value in gems wins the game. However, it is not quite as easy as it sounds.


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