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Educational Board Game Review: Mysterious Creatures – Discover the Truth looks at a unique game from Education Outdoors.


“Education Outdoors” creates educational games, always featuring an outdoor theme of some kind, and “Mysterious Creatures” has followed that same successful pattern.


The game is beautifully packaged, and really catches your eye.  Upon opening the box, you will first find 16 creature cards, each describing a different type of unusual animal, some of which may exist, and some that may only be famous myths, like Big Foot or the Loch-Ness Monster.  Players can have fun deciding for themselves.  There are also 48 evidence cards neatly sorted in a special evidence box by country of origin, with all 16 creatures having 3 evidence cards each (photo, film and physical).  In addition, there are 4 passport cards, 4 colored character pawns, 1 large die, a game board measuring approximately 12” x 19”, a set of rules and a first-class poster of the Loch-Ness Monster...

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Touring Card Game - An Old Favorite Gets an Update looks at a classic from Winning Moves Games.


Back in the 50s, one of my favorite games was “Touring,” put out by Parker Brothers, Inc. and referred to as the “Great Motoring Card Game.”  I actually still have the game, including the rules and all of the cards.  I have included two photos from that old game, just so our readers can see some of the changes that have taken place with the game of “Touring” in that 60 year span of time.


“Winning Moves Games” now distributes the latest version of “Touring” and it brought back some great memories.  The revised game also includes a few new ideas, which not only freshens the game play, but also actually increases the fun factor...

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Walkness Monster – An Activity Walker for Toddlers reviews an interesting item from B.Toys.


The “Walkness Monster” is a toy that resembles a shopping cart, but has the capacity to accept up to 9 colorful balls (included) and send them flying around a circular bowl (basket) and out a opening into a tray at the front of the toy.  It is recommended for ages 10 months up to 4 years old, and can be used as a walker for youngsters just learning to take their first steps, or a more traditional push toy for the older kids...

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Toys for the Little Ones – Pop Up Dinosaurs and Funtime Fishing looks at a pair of winners from Tolo Toys.


The staff at Toys Bulletin were extremely pleased to get their hands on two items from Tolo Toys, both with extremely high play value and educational too.


The first item was the Tolo “Pop Up Dinosaurs,” set, suggested for children 12 months and older.  The base measures just under 11” in length and all components are made from ABS plastic that is very resistant to impact.  The “Pop Up Dinosaurs” set has a certain toughness that is a trademark of all products carrying the Tolo name.


Across the back of the toy are 4 pop up eggs, each a different color, and each hiding a dinosaur under the shell.  In the middle section of the toy are 4 different types of knobs for the child to push, twist or turn.  When the child is successful, one of the eggs will pop open revealing a dinosaur... 
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Warhammer 40,000: Dark Vengeance – Not Just a Game, but an Experience reviews a Premier Game from Games Workshop.


It is not often that a war game encompasses so much more than a simple battle between two players is played without the traditional game board, the playing pieces can be hand painted to exacting specifications and there are numerous war missions available all in one package.  In addition to the components included in the game box, there are loads of optional accessories available, including new armies, an uncountable number of additional figures, vehicles, weapons, scenery, paints, a figure case, special gaming surfaces, books, supplements and various expansions.  It is simply an amazing game concept.


The best part of “Warhammer 40,000: Dark Vengeance” is that everything you need to begin playing the game is included in this one box.  This is critical for new players, plus it is a tremendous value even for more seasoned players.  We at Toys Bulletin had not played the game before, so we were especially anxious when we opened the box...

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Green Tones Musical Instruments from Hohner - A High Note In Music Fun and Learning

We at Toys Bulletin fall into the camp that the best kids' musical instruments are made by music companies, rather than toy companies trying to make musical toys.  Maybe it comes from our musical background, or just a desire to see our kids exposed to music instruments that are real, that are fun, and truly educational all at the same time. 

They aren't always easy to find, however at Toy Fair this year we found a new group of musical instruments that fit the bill, and then even bumped the bar up a notch by using eco-friendly wood in absolutely remarkable instrument designs.

Today, we look at three products from Hohner's Green Tones brand - a drum set, a glockenspiel and a whistle.
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Automoblox T-900 Truck/Hr-2 Trailer Set - The Ultimate Put Together and Play Vehicles

I distinctly remember the first time we at Toys Bulletin got ahold of our first Automoblox set.  It was, at the time, what appeared to be just a simple put together wooden vehicle.

But the minute we started touching the pieces and we saw how beautifully everything was constructed, and then how amazing it looked when completed, we knew we were on to something very special.  Since that time, Automoblox has expanded its line to include more variations on its signature cars and trucks, along with lower priced mini vehicles and even emergency vehicles.  What we review today is the cream of the crop in the current Automoblox line - the truck and trailer set...

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A Toys Bulletin Quick Look: PlayTape – Build Your Own Roads reviews a new product from InRoad Toys, LLC.


InRoad Toys has designed a paper tape, called “PlayTape” that can be used to build roads for small toy cars that works on almost any surface.  The tape comes in a roll, and currently is available in 3 colors, asphalt black, orange and purple.  You simply unroll the tape, which is 2” wide, and stick it on wood, metal, tile, walls, glass or even carpeting.  You can easily tear it to the desired length, and it is ready to go...

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Family Game Review: Googly Eyes – Draw While Wearing Some Wacky Glasses once again enters the craziness of Goliath Games.


The Toys Bulletin staff always looks forward to seeing what type of game will be released next by Goliath Games.  They have a solid history of creating some of the most innovative, wild and crazy games we see each year.  We fondly remember reviewing both “Gooey Louie” and “Doggie Doo” back in June 2013, and “Pop the Pig” in March 2013.


This time around, Goliath Games did not let us down.  Their latest release is called “Googly Eyes.”  The object of the game is to draw something on a tablet, and have your teammates guess what it is, all prior to a timer going off and ending the turn.  I know everyone has already played a game like that before, so what is the big deal.  Well, the catch is that the player doing the drawing must wear a pair of wild looking glasses, with lenses that completely distorts that player’s vision.  In fact, depending on the category and difficulty of the question, there are 3 different sets of lenses, each with its own set of problems for the player doing the drawing.  Goliath Games describes the glasses and lenses as “vision-altering...”

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A Girl’s Game Review: PrettyPro – A Complete Makeover Wins the Game reviews a great game for young girls from the Decker Sisters LLC.


Toys Bulletin has been searching for the perfect game for pre-tween girls, and we think we may have found it.  The Decker Sisters have developed a board game called “PrettyPro,” and it really caught our eye while attending the recent New York Toy Fair.


The object of the game is to be the first player to complete a face makeover and be lucky enough to be holding the PrettyHeart tiara at the same time.  The game contents include 4 character playing pieces (Izzy, Zoe, Lexi & Lauren), each with its own fact card describing their unique personalities, 4 sketch pads, allowing players to actually create a personal look for each of the characters, 1 tiara, 1 beauty block, 1 facemask, a set of 54 “PrettyPro” cards, 12 colored pencils, 2 dice, and a pink circular playing board measuring about 18” in diameter... 

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