A Toys Bulletin Quick Look: Little Storm Farm – A Dice Game for the Youngest of Players

LIttle Storm Farm 1ToysBulletin.com looks at a “Yahtzee” type dice game from Four Esses.

We ran across this interesting little dice game while roaming the aisles at the recent New York Toy Fair.  The game is called “Little Storm Farm” and it originated in the country of Denmark. The game includes 5 six-sided dice, with five sides picturing farm animals….a chicken, goat, pig, horse and cow. The sixth side shows a tractor, and each of the animals and tractor are drawn in a different color, making them easy to distinguish. There is also a very important pad of score sheets that keep track of individual scoring for each competing player.


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Katamino – The Perfect Puzzle Game

katamino 1ToysBulletin.com reviews a challenging geometric game from Gigamic distributed by Back Alley Traders.

“Katamino” is not a new game, but if you do not have a copy on your game shelf, you should order one right away. “Katamino” is a high quality educational puzzle game that includes 20 wooden pieces, a game board, a wooden slider and a spiral bound set of rules with challenges ranging from simple to a near genius level. Twelve of the wooden pieces are pentaminos, which are actually 5 juxtaposed squares, with each square measuring about ¾”. Each of the pentaminos is of a different shape and can be turned in any direction. The remaining eight wooden pieces are smaller singular and double size squares.


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Fandooble – Steal More Gold and Win the Game

Fandooble 1ToysBulletin.com looks at an exciting dice game from Mindtwister USA.

“Fandooble” is a great little game that we ran across at the recent New York Toy Fair. Before we began writing this review, we had to know the meaning of the word “Fandooble.” It turns out that the best definition we could come up with was that it was similar to the word “fandabidozi,” which means super, fabulous and marvelous. In the actual game the “Fandooble” is a master thief, who does a fabulous job of stealing gold from other players.


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ToysBulletin.com Attends Its Fifth Toy Fair

Toy Fair 2015 begins momentarily. This is our fifth year attending the show and we will post on the newest and coolest toys and games we come across. Follow our live coverage from the show on Twitter.


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A New 18″ Doll from the Isaac Mizrahi Collection at Madame Alexander

Hooray Doll 1ToysBulletin.com reviews the fun and fashionable “Hooray” Doll from Madame Alexander.

Madame Alexander recently added a new collection from Isaac Mizrahi to their doll catalog. To quote Isaac Mizrahi, “Dolls have a special place in my heart. I began my design career with dolls.”

This doll is an 18″ beauty with light skin tone, bright brown eyes with long black eyelashes and a soft pink mouth matching her fine featured face. The eyes even open and close. Her brown hair has side bangs, is pulled back into a tight chignon and is ready for styling.


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Quartermaster General – Allies vs Axis

Quartermaster General 1ToysBulletin.com reviews a war game from Griggling Games, Inc.

We are not going to waste any time in saying this…….”Quartermaster General” is a great game. Typically, games that try to recreate battles or wars from the past are long and complicated with setup alone taking 30 minutes or more. “Quartermaster General” avoids all of those types of problems, and instead Griggling Games has designed a fast moving, strategic game that is easy to set up and more importantly easy to play.


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Wuzzits – A Family Matching Game

Wuzzits 1ToysBulletin.com reviews a new game from Blue Orange.

“Wuzzits” is a game about five crazy monster families who continually get themselves mixed up. They cannot keep the tops of their bodies together with their bottom halves. Each family has six monsters, including the blue robotic monsters, the pink water monsters, the yellow flying monsters, the green furry monsters and the brown underground monsters. Therefore, there is a total of 30 different monsters included in the game, however there are actually 60 monster cards, because the top and bottom halves of each monster have been sliced in two.


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My First Microscope – Made for Preschoolers

My First Microscope 1ToysBulletin.com looks at the Geo Safari Jr. Microscope from Educational Insights.

There are many children’s microscopes available out there, but we found the Geo Safari Jr. “My First Microscope” to be among the best, especially for kids as young as three years old. The microscope stands just over 7″ in height and measures about the same in length. It is multi-colored, including two extra large soft eyepieces, and a pair of focusing knobs that provides up to 8X magnification. “My First Microscope” does require 3-AAA batteries to power a strong LED light, which is controlled with an easy-to-push on/off button. The base extends out providing a specimen tray that can hold both flat objects or those with three dimensions.


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