Doll Accessories: From Adora

Purr-fectly posh looks at several Adora doll accessories made for little girls and collectors too.

Fresh out of the California Playroom, Adora’s accessories are going to delight anyone – especially someone who already owns an Adora doll. They are really full of ADORAbility! Adora Dolls are very special – each one handmade with a perfect blend of sweetness and love. Now they have accessories to complement the doll line – what little girl doesn’t want to accessorize? I will be reviewing two unique outfits, a pair of tennis shoes, and finally a table feeding seat designed to fit most 12″-20″ dolls.


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Ding!: Stay In to Win

Ding reviews a fast moving card game from Wiggles3D.

“Ding!” is a trick-taking card game with a huge twist that will catch players by surprise. It is designed for 3-8 players ages 8 years old and up, and a typical game lasts around 30 minutes or so. The game contents include 63 playing cards, with 15 cards in each of 4 colored suits, blue, orange, yellow and green, plus 3 wild cards. Within each of those suits the cards are numbered from 2-12, plus a D, i, n and g card, each with a numbered value of 1. There are also 8 player pawns, 8 in/out tokens and a colorful circular game board measuring just under 10″ in diameter.


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Castle Panic: Goblins, Orcs and Trolls…Oh, My!

castle panic looks at a cooperative monster game from Fireside Games.

We had read good things about a game called “Castle Panic,” and we just had to get a copy and take a look for ourselves. “Castle Panic” is a cooperative game suggested for 1-6 players ages 10 years old and up. The game basically pits a group of players defending their castle against attacking monsters who have them completely surrounded. The object of the game is for the players to work together and play through/defeat all 49 monster tokens, before the monsters overwhelm them and destroy all of their castle towers.


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Breyer & Canterwood Crest: Horse and Book Set

Breyer Canterwood Crest 1ToysBulletin reviews a classic horse and young adult book distributed by Reeves International, Inc.

Breyer Animal Creations is world renown for their exquisite equestrian models. They are huge favorites among collectors, and we at Toys Bulletin are especially excited to review our first today. In fact, as a bonus, we are looking at the initial release of a horse/book combination set based on the best selling Canterwood Crest book series from Jessica Burkhart (See photo).

Breyer Canterwood 2The horse included in the package is named Charm (a thoroughbred/belgian mix) who stands approximately 6″ tall and measures 9″ long, which is about 1:12 scale. Charm is brown in color with a white blaze running along the bridge of his nose, white markings just above his front hoofs and a slightly lighter tail.


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Battle Sheep: Control Those Pastures

Battle Sheep looks at a new game release from Blue Orange Games.

As expected, Blue Orange has put together another high quality game experience, this time called “Battle Sheep.” With Blue Orange, it always starts with the packaging and game parts, which again exceeded our expectations. The game contents include 16 pasture boards used to assemble an ever changing game board and 64 sheep tokens, each made of high quality plastic and very sturdy too. All of the game pieces are ready for action, with no card board punch outs needed to begin play.


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Ump-Rite: A Baseball Board Game from the Past

Ump-Rite takes a nostalgic look back to 1975 and a most unique baseball game.

From time to time, we actually do come across a toy or game that we have not played with or even heard of. Recently, a friend of Toys Bulletin loaned us a game called “Ump-Rite,” produced by Financial Consultants Coronado. He simply said it was sold briefly in the mid 70s, and we might want to take a look at it. Because our readers continue to clamor for nostalgic reviews of older toys or games, we thought “Ump-Rite” might prove to be an interesting choice.


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Jumping Jack: Can you Catch the Rabbit?

Jumping Jack looks at a new game from Goliath Games.

The Toys Bulletin staff always looks forward to the next game release from Goliath Games, and “Jumping Jack” was no exception. This time youngsters ages 4 years old and up are asked to carefully collect carrots in their baskets, but not to disturb the sleeping jack rabbit (Jack) who sits atop the bunny hill. The player who collects the most carrots may win the game, but if a player is quick enough to catch Jack when he jumps high in the air, he can steal a victory.


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Knockout: Boxing at its Best

Knockout reviews a new boxing board game from Victory Point Games.

We always get excited when we get our hands on any new sports related board game, and those that deal with pugilism are among are favorites. As most board game players know, the first thing necessary before attempting to play a new game is to give a quick read of the rules. Well, after reading the rules for “Knockout,” we immediately knew that we had a winner, and we could not play soon enough. In fact, our first game was played between 1:30 am and 2:00 am on a Wednesday evening. I easily won over another sports fan on the Toys Bulletin staff, and we were hooked.


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