Happy Pigs – It’s a Challenge to Run a Farm

ToysBulletin.com reviews a fantastic game experience from Iello Games.

Happy Pigs 1Have you ever wanted to see what it is like to be a real farmer? Well, it is possible now by playing “Happy Pigs” from Iello Games. The game allows players to compete by buying, feeding, breeding and selling pigs for profit. “Happy Pigs” is suggested for 2-6 players ages 10 years old and up, and a game can easily be completed in less than an hour.

The game contents include 20 field boards to house your pigs, a market board to track product availability and pricing, 196 pig tiles (4 sizes from piglets to big pigs), lots of money (coins and bills), 24 action tiles (6 colors of 4 each), 24 season cards (6 each of spring, summer, fall and winter), 75 item tiles (vaccines, dietary supplements and amulets of life) and a first player token.


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Fast Flip – Quick Recognition Will Win the Game

ToysBulletin.com looks at a new challenge from Blue Orange Games.

Fast Flip 1In the tradition of the “Spot It” series of games, Blue Orange has released a great new family game entitled “Fast Flip.” It arrives nicely packaged in the traditional Blue Orange metal tin, and includes 54 triangular playing cards, 10 game tokens and a set of rules. The object of the game is to be the first to identify and find the match between images shown on two different playing cards. “Fast Flip” has been designed for 2-8 players ages 7 years old and up.


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Kodi – Maybe the Best Doll Ever

ToysBulletin.com looks at a new doll from Paradise Galleries.

Kodi 1This particular doll became especially intriguing to me as I recently returned from a wonderful trip to Alaska and found this little darling to be authentic in every detail. “Kodi,” the ultimate collector’s doll, is a 20” Eskimo boy that is as unique and special as our 49th State is to the USA.

“Kodi” will willingly rub noses with you but you may want to hug him instead to appreciate the quality that makes him so spectacular. From his authentic tribal and native wardrobe to the perfect design and weighted body, “Kodi” has it all. This lovely little Eskimo boy is expertly sculpted and has the feel of a real baby, with his head and limbs made from Paradise Galleries’ patented GentleTouch Vinyl. Of course, he is dressed for the rugged and freezing Alaskan weather, and it is easy to see that each layer of clothing is of excellent quality and superbly crafted.


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Bring Your Own Book – A New Type of Game

ToysBulletin looks at a new game release from Gamewright.

bring your own book 1“Bring Your Own Book” is a game that requires players to bring a simple prop with them in order to play. That item is a book, and it can be a classic novel, a cook book, your child’s favorite bedtime book or even a Bible. It could be a hardcover or paperback, a favorite book or even one you were disappointed with – all you need is any type of book to use as your tool for the game.

The game requires three or more players (ages 12 years old and up) to play, each with a book of their choice. The game contents included 100 prompt cards, with two prompts per card. To begin play, one player serves as the judge, and chooses one of the prompt cards at random. The judge then chooses one of the two prompts, reads it aloud and players are asked to find the best words, sentences or paragraphs from their book that best fits the descriptive prompt on the card. Once a player yells “got it,” meaning he has found a nice answer, the timer is turned over and the remaining players have 60 seconds to also find an answer in their book. When all players have their answer, the judge chooses the one he thinks is best and awards that card to the player with the best answer. The player judge, who did not participate in the search, passes the judge’s hat on to the next player and the game continues, with the player winning the most cards (generally first to get 4 cards) being declared the overall game winner.


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Dr. Eureka – A Mix & Match Challenge

ToysBulletin.com reviews a new challenge from Blue Orange Games.

Dr Eureka 1“Dr. Eureka” is a game that provides a set of unique experiments. As an apprentice to the crazy Dr. Eureka, players must move the correct combination of molecules (colored balls) to a set of test tubes as shown on multiple challenge cards.

The game includes 24 colored balls (8 each of red, purple and green), 12 test tubes and 54 challenge cards. “Dr. Eureka”  has been designed for 1-4 players ages 8 years old and up. We actually play tested this game with a 93 year old great grandmother, and she kept right up, so it truly is a game for all ages.


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Dastardly Dirigibles – What a Name and What a Game

ToysBulletin.com reviews the latest release from Fireside Games, LLC.

dastardly dirigibles 1Toys Bulletin really believes that themes can many times make a successful game. Fireside Games has come up with a theme that automatically creates interest and excitement for their latest game, “Dastardly Dirigibles.” For those who are not quite sure, a dirigible is a flying machine, an airship that gains lift from gas bags, originally filled with hydrogen gas, which is less dense than the air around it. They certainly date back to the nineteenth century and became very popular in the 20th century, most notably the Goodyear Blimp, which is still in use for advertising purposes today.


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Balance Beans – A Seesaw Game of Logic

ToysBulletin.com reviews a new solo game from ThinkFun Inc.

Balance Beans 1ThinkFun has released loads of single-player games that provide solid challenges for players of all ages. Their latest game, “Balance Beans,” much like the successful “Laser Maze Jr” and “Rush Hour Jr,” is part of their line of junior logic games, and can actually be played by kids as young as 5 years old.

The game comes with a plastic seesaw, measuring approximately 3″ wide x 7″ long. The seesaw features a balance tray with 3 rows of 7 slots on the top of the tray. The slots are made to hold one or more colored bean shaped playing pieces (beans). There are 3 red stationary beans, a single, a double and a triple, along with 2 orange single beans, 2 yellow double beans and 2 blue triple beans (the non-red beans are considered movable). The game includes 40 challenge cards, from easy to super hard. The object of the game is much like it was back on the school yard. Can you position yourself and maybe some friends on the seesaw, so that the wooden plank (or tray in this case) balances perfectly level.


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4 the Birds & The Game of 49 – A Pair of Family Games

ToysBulletin.com reviews two new games from “Breaking Games.”

4 the birds 1“Breaking Games” publishes a wide assortment of games, and we are excited to review two of their best.

“4 the Birds” is a board game that actually takes place in a tree. After all, that is where birds seem to congregate, so it is a perfect setting for this unique game. The game includes 6 different sets of three dimensional bird species, which serve as the playing pieces, along with action cards, some tokens, 2 sets of dice (8 sided & 10 sided), and some very special but potentially disruptive crows and hawks. Of course, there is also that game board, resembling the branches of a tree in a 9 x 9 grid of 81 circled spaces.


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