A Reward Chart – Help Kids Reach their Goals

ToysBulletin.com looks at “Reward Chart-Dino” from WOW Toys and Reeves International, Inc.

Reward Chart 1WOW Toys “Reward Chart – Dino” is cleverly designed to encourage positive rewards and help children ages 1-5 achieve their goals. It is simple to use and great for setting goals such as picking up toys, brushing teeth, or even eating green vegetables. The left side of the Reward Chart provides a place to paste a picture of your child, along with his/her name, while the right side of the Reward Chart is used to keep track of actual progress.


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Chicken Charades & Indoor Cornhole

ToysBulletin.com reviews a pair of games from University Games.                                                                                                                                                                                                             Chicken Charades Chicken Charades 1Everyone has played some form of Charades, but have you ever played a game of Charades holding and using a Rubber Chicken? Welcome to “Chicken Charades!” Chicken Charades 2The game rules are almost exactly as you might guess. Any number of players is split into two teams, with each participant taking a turn acting out clues that will enable their team to guess the secret word. Of course, you cannot say or cluck any words, but you do use a rubber chicken. The game includes 84 cards with 6 secret word choices per card. To begin play, one player rolls a die to determine the word. The player then grabs the rubber chicken and uses it as a prop to get his teammates to guess the word he was attempting to act out. Teams have only 10 seconds to guess correctly, or the opposing team gets a chance to steal the card if they can guess the answer. The first team to correctly answer 10 cards is declared the winner. At first, I really could not figure out how a rubber chicken could change a game of charades, but it actually made quite a difference in both how you act out the clues, as well as how your team members make their guesses. It was a lot of fun seeing people give mouth to mouth resuscitation to a chicken, give birth to a chicken, use the chicken as a toothbrush and even trying to make the poor rubber chicken look like a gun. It is hard not to laugh when playing “Chicken Charades” and sometimes the laughter stretches beyond the 10 seconds, allowing your opponents to steal the card.  But, it is all so much fun, it really does not matter. Overall, this is a party game with extra laughs included. There are some very interesting secret words on the cards as well, which will keep everybody on their toes for sure. “Chicken Charades” retails for $24.98 and can be purchased at the Are You Game website. Indoor Cornhole

Indoor Cornhole 1If you have ever wondered what people are doing throwing bean bags underhanded towards large planks of wood with a hole in the middle, they are playing a game called Cornhole, and it is an outdoor game phenomenon sweeping across the country.

The good news is that Front Porch Classics and University Games have created “Indoor Cornhole,” a game for ages 6 years old and up that is easy to set up and safe to play indoors. The game includes two boards that easily fold out and lean perfectly over each half of the game box. To get things started, mark off a tossing distance and break into two teams of one or two people. The two teams line up on the same side of one of the boards, alternating turns tossing bags toward the opposite board. Each team gets 4 turns to toss. The goal is to land a bag right in the hole, but points can also be scored by landing a bag on the board.


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Spiral-Designer – Creativity for Little Ones

ToysBulletin.com reviews a craft toy from Ravensburger.

Spiral Designer 1Most of us are familiar with Ravensburger puzzles, but did you know they also make artistic items as well?  The “Spiral-Designer” is one such item and it will awaken the inner creative side of your child’s personality, keeping them occupied with new design ideas for hours. The possibilities are truly limitless with this amazing all-in-one kit. The sturdy colorful 10½” x 10½” x 2¼” box contains all the supplies your young artist might need including 1 drawing frame, 1 template ring with 4 design discs, 1 frame for the mini Mandala Template, 1 mini Mandala Template (such designs are known for their geometric circular pattern), 2 felt tip pens and 10 sheets of drawing paper.


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DNA Experiment Kit – A Building Block for the Future

ToysBulletin.com reviews the “DNA Experiment Kit” from ScienceWiz.

DNA Kit 1The “DNA Experiment Kit” from ScienceWiz is made with learning and fun in mind. This kit is a great gift for any 8+ year old boy or girl that has an interest in understanding how our DNA works using a kit that explains it in a fun and challenging way. There are 8 specific projects in the kit and they can be done repeatedly as most of the materials are re-usable or can be found around the household. Upon opening this kit, we were impressed with the detailed organization of the materials and the high quality of the workbook that is actually attached to the box itself, so no worries about losing it after completing a project.


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KEVA Maker Bot Maze – Navigate the Obstacles

ToysBulletin.com reviews a inventive maze from MindWare.

KEVA Maker Bot Maze 1Before reviewing this product, we had to find out what “KEVA” was all about. It turns out that “KEVA” generally refers to something that has stability or permanence. From a toy standpoint, “KEVA” is usually associated with wooden planks that measure 4 ½”L x ¾” W and ¼” H. They are used to stack and build structures that are amazingly sturdy, and young kids find them simple to use.


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Magformers – Magnetic Building at its Best

ToysBulletin.com reviews a magnetic construction kit from Magformers LLC.

Magformers 1We have searched for several years to find the ultimate and best magnetic building toy. Our search is now over. We have found “Magformers,” where the high quality is equally matched with a rewarding play experience.

We got our hands on the 62 piece “Magformers Rainbow” set for review. The set includes 20 triangular, 30 square and 12 pentagon shaped magnetic pieces in 6 different colors, along with a 28 page full-color “Idea Booklet.” Each of the geometric shaped pieces has one magnet on each of its sides. Thus, the square has 4 magnets, one positioned in the middle of each of its 4 sides, the triangle has 3 magnets and the pentagon has 5 magnets. The magnets are actually rotating Rare Earth Neodymium magnets, considered both strong and having great connectivity powers. For safety, the magnets are encased in HQABS plastic and are BPA free.


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Empires in America – The French and Indian War, 1754 – 1763

ToysBulletin.com reviews the second edition of “Empires of America” from Victory Point Games LLC.

Empires in America 1The French and Indian War (“Seven Year’s War”) was fought between France and Great Britain from 1756 until 1763. However, the total conflict that took place on North American soil lasted from 1754 to 1763. France was joined by Indian allies to fight the British forces, thus the name, “French and Indian War.” Victory Point Games has recreated that war in a single-player board game, where you control the French and Indians and the game controls the British.


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Plunder – It is all About Pirate Treasure

ToysBulletin.com reviews another thought provoking game from R&R Games, Inc.

Plunder 1Ahoy Matey!!!

Plunder is a treasure stealing deduction game for 2-6 players distributed by R&R Games and designed by Jonathan Franklin. The game includes 36 dry erase crew cards, 54 clue cards, 18 map cards (6 each of island, marker and trap cards) , a treasure chest, 6 dry erase pens and 6 dry erase solution grids.

To set things up, players first choose to be one of 6 unique pirates. Each pirate receives a dry erase pen, along with the corresponding dry erase solution grid and crew cards (matching the number of players in the game). Next, the treasure chest is placed in the center of the table, with an open lid. Deal 3 map cards to each player, one each of island, marker and trap cards. Each player should look at their map cards as these cards indicate the specific hidden location of their pirate treasure. Don’t show anyone your cards-“Properly Warned Ya Be Says I” or you’ll be walking the plank! The remaining unused map cards are taken out of the game, while the map cards that were dealt out are turned face down until the scoring phase at the end of the game.


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