Zombie Run! – Flee from the Zombies

Zombie Run 1ToysBulletin.com looks at a Zombie card game from The Haywire Group, Inc.

This seems to be Zombie week at Toys Bulletin, so let’s take a look at a fast moving Zombie card game. “Zombie Run!” is a card game with 75 playing cards, each picturing a particular number of zombies. Fifteen of the cards have no zombies at all and fifteen others show the maximum horde of 15 zombies. The remaining 45 cards show varying sizes of zombie groups ranging from 1-9 per card. The zombie numbers are shown on each of the cards.

“Zombie Run!” is a game designed for 2 or more players ages 7 years old and up, and the object of the game is to have the fewest zombies chasing you after playing 5 rounds of the game. The set up is simple, as all 75 cards are shuffled together and each player is dealt four cards face down. The remaining deck is placed face down in the center of the table to form a draw pile, with the top card turned face up and placed next to the draw pile to start a discard pile. Each player then arranges their four cards, still face down, in two rows of two cards each in front of them.

To begin play, each player looks at any two of their face down cards and then puts them back face down on the table in their original positions. It is important for each player to remember which cards are in what positions on the table. Players also want to have a very low number of zombies when they add up the total from their 4 cards. Players alternate turns by either drawing a card from the draw pile or selecting the top card from the discard pile. Once the card is drawn, it can be exchanged for any of their four face down cards. The replaced card is put face up on the discard pile, or if a player decides not to replace any of his cards, the drawn card is placed on the discard pile. At no time can a player end his turn with any cards in his hand.

Zombie Run 2The game continues until one player is fairly confident that the sum total of his four face down cards is lower than any of the other players. On his turn, he yells something appropriate like “I’ve Got Braaaaains!” This immediately ends the round, and scoring takes place. All players add up the sum total from their four cards and the zombie numbers are entered on a score sheet for round one. However, if the player who stopped the round does not have the lowest number of total zombies, his score is doubled for that round. The game ends after five rounds of play, and the player with the lowest total is declared the winner.

“Zombie Run!” is a light fast game that generally can be played in less than 30 minutes. The zombie drawings on the cards are not scary at all making this game a nice introduction to the zombie craze spreading across the country. Players must learn to pay attention to which cards they have on the table, and also to any discards picked up and placed by their opponents. It is very easy to get caught with the horrible “15 zombie card” as a face down card, if another player ends the round quickly. The most fun is when a player confidently ends the round thinking he has the lowest total, only to hear his “zombie like” groan when he finds out his opponent has an even lower number, thus causing the player to double his score, which could cost him the game.

“Zombie Run!” costs just $6.99 and can be purchased directly from the Haywire Group website.

–RJ Cullen


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