Zibbies Danielle Duck by Play Visions: Not Your Average Plush Animal Toy

Back in 1990 three high school buddies teamed up to create a novelty toy business. They went about designing their own line of toys with an emphasis on the unusual.

The Company was called “Play Visions” and they have created a very successful line of toys. In 2005, “Play Visions” acquired “Cascade Toy,” a well known manufacturer of plush toys. The folks at “Play Vision” wanted to give the old “Cascade Toy” line their own special twist. An example of this “twist” is their line of “Zibbies.”

I believe the “Zibbies-Danielle Duck” may have been one of the first examples of this new line of plush animal toys.

They  are extremely cute, unusual and particularly pleasing to youngsters.  They feature “Hyper-Flex hair, which is made to grab, stretch and pull.  I have thrown it, sat on it, left it outside in cold weather, and the “Zibbies-Danielle Duck” looks as good as new.  

The “Zibbies-Danielle Duck” weighs just 7 ounces, and is perfect for little ones 3-7 years old. The creativity displayed in the “Zibbie” line is unique in the industry, and I recommend you owning at least one of these fine plush animals.  Most of the “Zibbies” retail for just $9.99, and can be found at Amazon.com.

There are many styles in the “Zibbie” line, including “Antonie-the Tiger,” “Fenwick-the Toucan,””Lady Bug Zibbie,” and “Turtle Zibbie.” The latest addition is a bit larger at 18″ (yet retails for just $14.99), called “Frizzill-the large Red-Eyed Tree Frog.”  
This is a winning toy at a bargain price. It’ll earn a Bronze Rating.
— Andrew Joseph

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