WOODY – Rocking Horse – A Perfect Ride for your Toddler

Back in 1973, a family owned business was created by Tom and Linda McConnell. It was called Prince Lionheart. Their flagship product in those early days was the Woody-Rocking Horse. It was hand crafted and was originally produced and sold out of Tom and Linda’s garage. That famous rocking horse was produced until the early 90s, when production was ceased.

Prince Lionheart is still a thriving business today, some 38 years later, and they continue to produce magnificent children’s items. Their three core values of quality, innovation and outstanding service go into every product.

In 2011, Prince Lionheart decided to once again produce their famous rocking horse. It was revamped and redesigned, but Woody was back. We at “Toysbulletin.com” were lucky enough to get one of the first production models this past month.

The Woody-Rocking Horse is made of 100% solid birch, and measures approximately 31″ in length, 11.6″ in width and 18.5″ in height. The horse arrives unassembled, but there are only 8 pieces in all, and assembly is a snap. The instructions include an easy to follow diagram and even a tool to make things even faster. The Woody-Rocking Horse is recommended for children 18 months and older, plus has a weight limit of 100 pounds.

The design of the horse is smooth, sleek and modern. There are no markings or paint on the horse whatsoever, except for the lone Prince Lionheart trademark on the left leg. It honestly would look perfect in any living room as a decoration. It is simply beautiful. The seating area is a perfectly curved seamless piece of birch, and is matched by two well-placed footrests on either side of the rocker rails.

Our child focus group found it easy to get on and easy to rock. It seemed perfect for little kids who had just started walking. The handle grips and footrests were perfectly placed. After several hours of continuous use, there was no damage and the horse looked as good as new. Parents noticed the quality and all inquired about the price. We were happy to report a very reasonable suggested retail price of $79.99.

The “Woody-Rocking Horse” is the type of item that will passed from one generation to another. It is an heirloom piece, and will be treasured by all members of the family. Toys Bulletin is happy to award the “Woody-Rocking Horse” our gold rating. Go to babies1st.com to see further information and order Woody.

— RJ Cullen
*Gold Rating*

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