Wet Head – Perfect Fun for That Hot Summer Day

ToysBulletin.com reviews an exciting backyard water game from Zing Toys.

Wet Head 1The “Zing” tag line says it all…”Give it a spin, pull a pin.…will you be the next Wet Head?” It is so simple yet so fun. Why has no one thought of this game before?

“Wet Head” comes with four simple parts, a spinner, a helmet, a turning mechanism that attaches to the helmet and 8 pins. This is basically a game of Water Russian Roulette. Once the turning mechanism (filled with water) and helmet are placed on a player’s head, he spins it around and pulls a pin. If he is lucky, he will pull a pin and nothing happens, but watch out if he pulls the wrong pin. If he does, he is splashed with water and gets a good soaking. To set things up, simply remove the cap from the turning mechanism and fill it with water while it is attached to the helmet, making sure that all 8 pins are securely pushed in place, replace the cap and you are ready to play.

We play tested “Wet Head” with a 5 year old, an 8 year old and two very brave adults, ages 47 and 52. The Wet Head 2kids could not wait for an adult to get soaked, and of course the adults wanted to stay dry. There is plenty of suspense, since you never know when you pull a pin if you are going to get a “Wet Head,” or not. We do recommend playing this game outdoors, although we found that a garage was a also a great setting for the game. Everyone had to admit that they had a blast either getting wet or hoping another player would get wet. A few times it did get down to the last pin before the water came pouring out and everyone would groan in unison knowing the person wearing the helmet was in for it.

We liked this game because it was simple, with minimal pieces and fun for all ages. We suggest trying it with a good mix of kids and adults, but it can easily be played by groups of kids, with a suggested age of 6 years old and up. “Wet Head” would also make for a great summer birthday party game.

“Wet Head” retails for $19.99 and can be purchased at the Zing Toy Shop website.



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