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Visual Brainstorms reviews a challenging new game from Thinkfun Inc.

“Visual Brainstorms” is a fun smart thinking game that can be played by one or more players ages 10 years old and up. The game arrives with 100 different challenge cards made up of 30 green “easy” cards, 50 blue “hard” cards and 20 red “very hard” cards. The challenge is shown on the front side of each card and it always involves looking at a picture with a description and question at the bottom of the card. The questions run the gamut, with the answers (shown on the reverse side of the card) generally requiring only logic and keen observation. The picture is usually the key and every question gets the old brain working for sure. On many of the cards, there is an added visual question on the answer side of the card that tests a player’s skill on remembering key items relating to the picture on the question side of the card. Although usually fairly easy, these extra questions really do test short-term memory skills. If playing alone, simply move on to the next question or select from the “hard” or “very hard” cards to increase the difficulty. A player may want to stick with the “easy” cards until he or she feels confident or completes all of the “easy” challenges.

Visual Brainstorms 2We have selected one of the blue “hard” challenges entitled “Missing Page,” and included a photo of the card with this review. Take a look and see if you can answer the question. We have provided the answer at the end of the review.

According to the rules, a pencil and paper can be used to help come up with an answer, but no computers, calculators or smart phones are allowed. As mentioned earlier, “Visual Brainstorms” can also be played by a larger group or even in teams. Here are some specifics…one of the cards (question side up) is placed in the center of the table and the first player or team who thinks they have the right answer writes it down on a piece of paper and yells “finished.” The other players or teams then have one more minute to jot down their answer. Every correct answer earns 1 point if a green “easy” card, 2 points if a blue “hard” card and 3 points if a “very hard” card. If the player or team that yelled “finished” had the correct answer, they get a bonus challenge card (for them only) and one minute to come up with an answer to earn some bonus points. Generally, the game is played until a player or team scores an agreed upon number of points, and they are then declared the winner.

“Visual Brainstorms” features beautifully drawn pictures and each card is large (3½” x 5½”) and sturdy. This is a great little travel game to take in the car or on an airplane. It is equally fun to just play alone, or at home with family and friends. “Visual Brainstorms” retails for $14.99 and can be purchased at (Answer to “Missing Page” challenge is 20)

–RJ Cullen

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