Update – New Site and Content Migration

cropped-cropped-Toys1.gifThis site has been up and running for more than four years, and we have been asked by a few people why we have never updated the design. The short answer is that the site worked, and we’ve learned before that if something works online, don’t mess with it. But the time has finally come for a refresher, a new design and layout that provides a host of benefits for readers.

First of all this new site will load much faster. The previous site was code heavy and a bit of a patch work Frankenstein job that accumulated a lot of excess size over the years. This new site is optimized to run much faster.

The new site is also mobile friendly (responsive) and will look great on all of your mobile devices. The old site, as many of you can attest to, did not look good at all.

We’ve also moved to an entirely new publishing platform with many more tools at our disposal than before. This will manifest itself over time as we get more familiar behind the controls, but in the end we think it will make for a much more robust website experience than before.

This transition does come with a few important changes though that regular readers should note.

  1. Not everything moved perfectly in the migration to the new environment.  We cleaned it up the best we could and most reviews from the last 12 months are updated in full.  Past that it will be a work in progress (text will be there, images may not).
  2. Dead links:  We were unable to preserve many of our permalinks to past stories.  The links on the new site may be different.  This means Twitter/Facebook links may not all work, and bookmarks may cause some problems too.  Over time, as we post new reviews, this should resolve itself as we focus on current content.

That’s all for now.  We’re sure there will be some other kinks that need to get worked out during this transition so hang with us.  We may be a little slow in posting new reviews for a few days too.

Thanks for following the site, and we hope you enjoy the new design.

– Team

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