Tiny Twin Doll – Anatomically Correct

ToysBulletin.com looks at a new baby doll from Paradise Galleries.

Tiny Twin 1Time to send out the baby announcements shouting the arrival of Paradise Galleries new “Tiny Twins.” Your eyes will be filled with wonder as you discover that these lifelike babies are anatomically correct. This is a first ever from Paradise Galleries, so no more wondering whether to dress the baby in pink or blue. These “Tiny Twins” are full vinyl body newborns and at 18.5 inches, you honestly  believe they might just start crying and wiggling. You even have a choice of a baby boy or baby girl. This collectible doll was hand crafted by Paradise Galleries’ artist, Pat Moulton, who is world renowned for sculpting lifelike babies. As with all Paradise Galleries’ dolls, the Tiny Baby will arrive neatly tucked into their classic blue collector’s box which is suitable for storage. A numbered Certificate of Authenticity is also included, along with a 7-piece ensemble. For purposes of this review, I will be reviewing the darling twin girl doll.

Tiny Twin 2This little cutie is so lifelike you could fool anyone into thinking you were holding a real sleeping newborn. She features GentleTouch™ vinyl which actually feels like the real thing – so soft and perfect for cuddling. Her head is adorable with sculpted facial features including real eyelashes, while her hair is perfectly hand painted along with eyebrows. She even has little wrinkles around her closed sleeping eyes like that of a real newborn, and her tiny pink mouth is pouty with slightly opened lips. Both the arms and legs of this tiny treasure were designed with meticulous detail and the toes and hands are realistically hand painted with nails. Contributing to the lifelike features, the hands and feet are positioned differently seeming to almost create movement. Of course, her anatomical features are realistic including a belly button, and all parts are covered with a white cloth diaper that has Velcro closures. Finally, her belly even has newborn wrinkles and folds.

Tiny Twin 3Accessories are included that add to the fun of receiving a newborn. This tiny lady features an ultra soft cotton/knit pink blankie, along with a matching cotton/knit pink beanie and cotton/knit pink shirt highlighted by a dark pink playful giraffe. Cozy pink socks to keep her tiny feet warm complete the wardrobe. The “Tiny Twin” even comes with a realistic hospital wristband that identifies  baby’s name, birth date, mother’s name, weight, sex, and length, nicely held in place by another Velcro closure so it can be easily removed during outfit changes.

This Christmas miracle will please even the most sophisticated collector, and we predict she will be a real sales winner too. The retail price of either of the “Tiny Twins” is $99.95, which is a fair price for a collectible doll such as this, especially considering the master craftsmanship and meticulous detail. This little sleeping darling can be purchased directly from the Paradise Galleries website.

Mary Kay

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