The Wacky Whiddles – A hilarious word game

I just ran across a great little game called “The Wacky Whiddles.” The name alone caught my attention, and after numerous playings, I was hooked immediately.

To start the game, each player receives 10 tiles at random. Each tile is printed with two letters that can provide the first two letters of a word. Next, a card is read aloud that contains a “fill in the blank” sentence. For example, “Harry is very athletic, He especially likes to _______.”
Players then scramble to form a word that fits in the blank space containing the first two letters shown on any one of their tiles. Let’s say one of your tiles contained the two letters “SK.” You might quickly form the word “Ski.” You shout out your answer and if you are one of the first two players to shout out an appropriate word, that fits in the blank, you can then remove that tile from your hand.

Certain answers can be challenged, in case they simply don’t make sense, or they are grammatically incorrect. A majority vote of players decides if any answer was unacceptable.

Play continues until a player uses up all his 10 tiles and wins the game. There are also some game variations that can be used or players may want to come up with some ideas of their own.

There are a generous total of 400 cards with “fill in the blank” sentences. Each card features a caricature of Harry and Edna Whiddle, who appear to be the wacky husband and wife team that come up with the “fill in the blank” sentences. The cards happily reminded me of the “fill in the blank” sentences that formed the basis for the old TV show, “The Match Game,” with Gene Rayburn, a staple of daytime TV in the 60s and 70s.

The game is the most fun when played with groups of 4-10 players, although slight rule changes can also make it exciting for just 2-3 players. The game is recommended for ages 12 years old and up.

The game’s packaging is bright, colorful and of high quality. The game itself creates lots of laughter, friendly arguments and even has an educational element, and that is a hard combination to beat. This is a “must own” game and earns our “Gold Award.”

Currently, the best place to buy “The Wacky Whiddles” (retail price $29.95) is from their website at “” While there, be sure to watch the provided video and meet the creator of “The Wacky Whiddles.”

— RJ Cullen

*Gold Rating*

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