The Tuneables – Innovative Music DVD/CD Set for Youngsters

TheTuneables2“The Tuneables: I Love Music” is a video and audio package designed to teach young children the fundamentals of music. Its development was sponsored by “The Music Intelligence Project,” an organization created by Patsy and Robert Johnson who were music educators at the University of Michigan.
“The Tuneables: I Love Music” set includes a 30 minute animated DVD plus a companion CD with 18 songs, some of which are highlighted on the DVD. “The Tuneables: I Love Music” is intended for children ages 3-8 years old. The purpose of the DVD is to teach kids how to “move to the beat of the music,” “recognize tones,” “expand their singing range,” and finally to simply “sit back and enjoy some classical sounds.””The Tuneables: I Love Music” accomplishes those goals by introducing six key musical characters, Mo, the violin, Clara, the clarinet, Pete, the trumpet, Sunny, the cymbal, Snare, the drum and Gloria, the piano. Each of them plays a key role in teaching Annie and Max, two new musical students, the special qualities of music appreciation.

After watching the DVD and listening to the CD, I found myself actually humming the clever fun songs several hours later. But, the real test would be to see what the kids thought of “The Tuneables: I Love Music.”

We assembled a pre-school group of six youngsters ages 4-5 years old. We set things up on a large screen TV with great sound, and had the kids sit in chairs in a semi-circle about 10-15 feet back from the monitor. We told them to look, listen and interact.
The_TuneablesWe stood back and watched, as the kids immediately began patting their knees, head and nose following the beat in the music as suggested in the video. They were also able to understand the different tones, like do, re, me, fa, so, la and ti. Then the oldest girl got up and began to dance and sing, and the rest followed her lead. “The Tuneables: I Love Music” DVD format had an amazing ability to keep the kids’ attention for the full 30 minutes. When it was over, we put on the CD and they all continued to dance and sing, even as they were putting on their coats to go home.
“The Tuneables: I Love Music” collection also brought smiles to the faces of the parents. They were very impressed with the entertainment value to small children of a product intended to teach the basics of music. “The Tuneables: I Love Music” 2-disk set can be purchased at for $29.99. A special HD DVD set is also down-loadable for $31.99 at “” We expect there will be additional DVDs released in the future as well.

— RJ Cullen

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