The Best of 2016 from Toys Bulletin lists its favorite toys and games of the year.

As has been the case in past years, we continue to see so many quality and exciting new products during the year that it is especially difficult to single out just a few standouts. Plus, we also know that we cannot possibly test and review every toy and game released by every manufacturer in the past 12 months, so there is no doubt that we may have missed some good ones.

Here are the guidelines we follow in making our selections. “The Best of 2016” is based solely on the toys and games that we have reviewed on our website from November 2015 through October 2016. We have purposely excluded some older items, which may have been reviewed during that period, because that toy or game has been around for a number of years. However, in some circumstances, we have also included an item that was new to us at Toys Bulletin, even though it may have been available for purchase prior to November 2015.

This list is provided in alphabetical order:


Swift Stream z-10 1Drone (Z-10) — Swift Stream

A Modestly Priced High Quality Camera Drone

(see our review on 24 March 2016)





Escape the Room 2Escape the Room — Thinkfun

Find Your Way Out if You Can With This Cooperative Group Game

(see our review on 15 April 2016)






evolution 1Evolution — North Star Games

Explore Different Animal Species…in a Game of Survival

(see our review on 8 April 2016)






Happy Salmon 1Happy Salmon — North Star Games

The Loudest, Craziest, Most Popular Game We Played This Year

(see our review on 9 May 2016)






isle of skye 1Isle of Skye — Mayfair Games

A Top Notch Tile Replacement Game with a Few Twists and Turns

(see our review on 28 October 2016)







kenjin 1Kenjin — Iello Games

A Quick Strategic Card Game with a Great Theme and Clever Game Play

(see our review on 7 October 2016)






Kodi 1Kodi — Paradise Galleries

A Little Eskimo Boy Doll That Became a Favorite

(see our review on 22 August 2016)






No Thanks 1No Thanks — Mayfair Games

A Simple Card Game That Even Non-Game Players Will Love

(see our review on 20 May 2016)






Q-BA-MAZE 1Q-BA-MAZE 2.0 — MindWare

Our Favorite Construction Toy/Marble Maze of 2016

(see our review on 9 September 2016)




Syrinscape 2Syrinscape — Syrinscape

Adding Sound to Games is Beyond Cool

(see our review on 27 May 2016)



Trambahn 1Trambahn — Mayfair Games

The Best Two-Player Game of 2016 (My Wife’s Favorite)

(see our review on 15 February 2016)







Zombicide 1Zombicide — Cool Mini or Not and Guillotine Games

A Most Realistic Battle with Zombies

(see our review on 25 January 2016)






–RJ Cullen











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