This task has not gotten any easier since we published our “Best of 2011” 12 months ago.  We see so many quality and exciting new products during the year, making it especially difficult to single out just a few standouts.  Plus, as mentioned last year, we cannot possibly test and review every toy and game released by every manufacturer in the past 12 months, so there is no doubt that we may have missed some good ones.

Here are the guidelines we follow in making our selections.  “The Best of 2012” is based solely on the toys and games that we have reviewed on our website from November 2011 through October 2012.  We have purposely excluded some older items, which may have been reviewed during that period, because that toy or game has been around for a number of years.  However, in some circumstances, we have also included an item that was new to us at Toys Bulletin, even though it may have been available for purchase prior to November 2011.


And most importantly, we kept with our mission statement of providing a list of the “Best Toys and Games You’ve Never Heard Of.”


TOP TOYS AND GAMES OF 2012 (in Alphabetical Order)


Army vs Aliens – from Wiggles 3D Incorporated

Two players battle with dice, and we loved it (see review on 4-10-12)

Dragon Hunt – from U.S. Games Systems

A surprisingly easy yet strategic card game of battling dragons (see review on 9-22-12)


The Gate – from Offdah! Games, Inc.

A remarkable board game experience (see review on 3-17-12)

Hooyah – from U.S. Games Systems

Players’ control Navy Seals on dangerous cooperative missions (see review on 10-27-12)


Journey A Passion for Pink – from Paradise Galleries

This beauty is a near perfect doll (see review on 8-8-12)

Loog Guitars – from Loog Guitars, LLC

Build and play a 3-string guitar (see review on 4-7-12)


Loot and Scoot – from Victory Point Games

A clever game of stealing from your opponent’s dungeon (see review on 10-6-12)

Monsterology/Animal Planet-Wildlands – From Nukotoys

The best app we saw in 2012 (see review on 9-27-12)


NanoBlock – from Ohio Art Company

A challenging and amazing building toy (see review on 11-12-11)

Scopa – from Winning Moves

A fast engaging card game that our staff continues to play on a regular basis (see review on 4-24-12)


Underwater World Puzzleball – from Ravensburger

A children’s line of spectacular puzzleballs (see review on 8-1-12)

Urbania – from Mayfair Games, Inc.

A well-conceived game of urban development (see review on 10-30-12)


Where is Howie’s Owie – from Learning Resources, Inc.

It is large, educational and kids’ love it (see review on 7-4-12)

Z200 Shotgun – from JT Splatmaster

A shooting toy like no other (see review on 9-18-12)

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