The Art of Living Dead Dolls: An Amazing Collection of Chilling Designs

the art of living dead dolls 1 takes a closer look at the world of “Living Dead Dolls” in a very exciting new book.

the art of living dead dolls 2We want to start this review by revealing that we actually have three “Living Dead Dolls” on display in our office. They are among our most prized items, and include the “Psycho Doll Set,” featuring both Norman Bates and Marion Crane, plus the 13th anniversary edition of Damien from “The Omen.” Photos of all three accompany this review. We also have the “Deluxe Roto Plush Mother” from “Psycho” on order and we have reserved a special spot for Mrs. Bates already.

the art of living dead dolls 3Back in 1998, the first “Living Dead Dolls” were created by Ed Long and Damien Gloneck. A couple of years later, Mike (Mez) Markowitz, founder of Mezco Toys, began a collaboration with both Long and Gloneck that has produced some of the most hair-raising dolls ever seen. Fans of the horror genre loved them from the start, but the fan base today has grown to include a wide variety of buyers of all ages. In fact, during the New York Toy Fair in February of this year, the “Living Dead” line of dolls was recognized as the holder of the Guinness World Record for the “World’s Longest Continually Produced Series of Horror Themed Collectible Dolls.” The dolls themselves are typically 10″ tall plastic dolls each coming in their own coffin, generally featuring a death certificate, and a short verse about the doll.

A new book, “The Art of Living Dead Dolls” was just published by Mezco Press with a foreword by Basil Gogos. Basil is a well known and respected artist and illustrator, mainly devoted to monsters and the like. His paintings have been featured in the cult-favorite Famous Monsters of Filmland” magazine, and he continues to work in the horror genre today. The book itself contains 78 pages and over 100 different images of various drawings, illustrations, sketches and photos of all sorts of “Living Dead Doll” interpretations from scores of the art of living dead dolls 4fans, artists and devotees. There is even a section featuring “Living Dead Doll” tattoos, and a two-page pen and ink adult comic with crazy characters that was truly hilarious to read. We also enjoyed the photos and writing that accompanied the “Little Creepy Book-Sadie & Friends.” The presentation looked so real that we honestly searched the internet, thinking we could somehow find the entire series of “Little Creepy Books,” and buy them all.

We had such a good time with “The Art of Living Dead Dolls.” This is one of those books where you do not turn the pages quickly, rather you study, smile and enjoy each and every page, not wanting to see the “Living Dead Doll” tour ever end. A copy of this book can be purchased directly from the Mezco website for $20.00.

–RJ Cullen


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