Tangle NightBall – More Than Just a Football

61ovOKJQniL._SL1500_ToysBulletin.com looks at a Light-Up Football from Tangle Creations.

$_12It may not be football season, but the staff at Toys Bulletin sure had fun tossing around the “Tangle NightBall.”  What makes this football special is that it actually lights up while spiraling through the air.  Once darkness sets in, this football comes to life.  It is powered by non-replaceable LED lights, but they seem to have an endless amount of energy, so changing them out is not a worry.

When the ball is thrown, the “Tangle NightBall” will light up and actually get brighter as it spirals through the air.  Once it is caught, the light goes out until the next toss is made.  The larger of the two sizes measures approximately 8″ in length and 15″ around the middle.  The smaller version is about 6″ in length and 11″ around.  Both balls we tested were green with blue accents, although there are other color combinations available.  The ball has a rubber-like feel, is squeezable to the touch and waterproof too.  And boy, do these things ever fly through the air.  It is amazing to see.  They, of course, work just fine in the daytime as well, as they are easy to throw and catch.

Because the ball also features Tangle’s patented “Matrix” see-through look, the ball is easy to grip and can even be caught with one hand fairly easily.  The “Tangle NightBall” is recommended for ages 4 years old and up.  The large size football retails for $20.00 and the smaller goes for just $10.00.  The “Tangle NightBall” can be purchased at Amazon.com or directly from the Tangle Creations website.

–RJ Cullen


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