Syrinscape – Hear Your Games Come to Life reviews an astounding sound app from “Syrinscape.”

Syrinscape 1I remember playing games when I was a kid where I constantly provided my own” sound effects” to enhance the game experience. This was usually done by mimicking an explosion, a gun shot, an animal roar or maybe a strike of lightning using my mouth or clapping my hands. It worked for sure, but now gamers can experience the real thing, sounds that will literally make the playing pieces and game board come to life.

“Syrinscape” is like having an actual motion picture soundtrack at your disposal, and you are able to completely control the timing and use of the soundtrack.
“Syrinscape” does this in the form of an app that is compatible to both MAC and Android platforms. They somehow create these soundscapes and music using an  audio engine and a complex set of algorithms. I don’t really understand how it works, but it certainly does work.

Syrinscape 2The great part of the experience is that you can get the app for free with a simple download, and there are some free sound sets for you to play, test and enjoy at no cost. There are currently three different sound set packs, Fantasy, Science Fiction and Board Game. Each one is downloaded separately, and there are all sorts of sound sets available within each at the “Syrinscape” on-line store. There are two subscriptions that are available, one offers everything that “Syrinscape” makes now and forever for $10.00 per month. The other subscription at $6.50 per month provides all sound sets from either the Science Fiction or Fantasy sound set packs.

Syrinscape 3To put “Syrinscape” to the test, we decided to concentrate on two of the Board Game sound set packs, “Catan,” and “Spellcaster.”  These are both games our staff plays regularly and both have been reviewed on our website. We set up the game, with the app up and running on our iMac, and we could not believe the sound experience on these games. “Catan” revolves around building roads, cities and settlements while collecting bricks, stones, grain, sheep and wood. There are sounds for all of those activities, making you feel like you are actually part of the game. For “Catan,” “Syrinscape” even includes setup music, getting started music and then some captivating sounds of workers building, dogs barking, busy cities and even sounds of the night. And, of course, the sound of the infamous “Catan” robber gets your attention as it should. A simple click or moving a slide bar provides a change in sounds at a moment’s notice. You should not play “Catan” again without the benefit of this sound set.

Syrinscape 4“Spellcaster,” a game of multiple spells provides some truly exceptional sound experiences as well. There is both a Sorceress and Sorcerer version and we tried them both, alternating between a female and male voice for casting of spells. The “Spellcaster” music made us feel like we had entered a fantasy world filled with unsuspected surprises. We decided to play a game under low light and it truly sent a few chills down our spine.  This was amazing stuff.

Don’t delay in downloading the app from “Syrinscape.” Try it for free and we bet you will want more. Go to the “Syrinscape” website to get started.

–RJ Cullen



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