Swift Stream Z-10 – A Fully Featured Camera Drone

ToysBulletin.com reviews the fourth of four drones from Swift Stream.

This is the final chapter of our drone week coverage. So far this week, we covered the entry level Z-4 ($30), the slightly more expensive, but still very affordable Z-6 ($40) and the Z-9 ($80), which was double the size of the Z-6 and added a Wi-Fi camera.

Swift Stream z-10 1Today is the big daddy, the biggest and best of the drones we will be reviewing – the Z-10. The price on the Z-10 is around $130 and it is much bigger than the others coming in at approximately 26” x 26”. We loved the functionality that comes with this model, but let’s start with a few of the smaller details.

This drone uses the same large remote as the Z-9 but features a more advanced LCD screen that provides info on the settings and power, along with an attachment that allows you to clip your smartphone to the top of the remote for easy viewing of what is being shot from the camera.

The battery is the largest of the bunch, and is substantially larger than the Z-9, providing longer flying times. We had the Z-10 running hard for a good 20 minutes of solid use, with a charge time of 1.5 hours. This drone was able to climb higher and further than the others, was more stable and easier to control at a distance given its size. In fact, these larger drones may be easier to control than the smaller ones simply due to the fact that they stabilize their position when you center the controls.

The camera on the Z-10 is good but offers room for a slightly higher resolution. It is important to note that a higher end camera such as a GoPro is designed to be installed on the Z-10 which would make this capable of shooting amazing, high quality video.

When shooting video, you will truly appreciate the stability of the larger Z-10. The shots are cleaner and more cinematic because there is less bouncing and bumping. We played around in moderate winds with the Z-10 and it stayed under perfect control.

The Z-10 also features an auto return button that is super handy when the drone is far away. It simply calls it right back to the operator’s location. The Z-10 also does flips, flies about as fast as a six year old can ride a bike (yes, we chased a kid with it), and it is an absolute blast to fly. As I mentioned previously, the learning curve is almost easier with the Z-10 given its size and responsiveness to operator input.

swift stream z-10 2Flying the Z-10 would certainly be a great father-son activity, since the possibilities of what you can do are endless. We even set up a soda/vinegar toy rocket and used the drone to film the rocket taking off.

So after three days of testing drones, it seemed that every kid within a mile had suddenly heard about our drones. We gave every kid, who was old enough, a chance to fly them and they all got the hang of it rather quickly.  I am pretty sure some birthday and Christmas lists were updated as a result.

So that is a wrap on drone week here at Toys Bulletin. In closing, we have to say that the drone universe has changed a lot over the past couple of years. What previously was only in the hands of a few is now available for all. Get your feet wet with the Z-4 or Z-6, and then step it up to a camera model with the Z-9 or Z-10.

We hope you enjoyed this expanded coverage. We will try to do more of these larger, multi-part reviews in the future if readers tell us they like them. Be sure to go to the Swift Stream website for more information about the Z-10 model. For on-line purchases, go directly to Amazon.com.

— Andrew Cullen, Editor

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