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Spherevelo 1ToysBulletin.com looks at a great first bike from Early Rider Ltd.

Are you having trouble keeping your baby engaged in constructive fun? Well, meet the “Spherovelo,” a unique (and very posh) award winning ride-on bike made in the U.K. by Early Rider Ltd. They have been designing bikes for children since 2008, and the “Spherovelo” is certainly a first of its kind, actually intended as an appropriate ride-on bike for babies from 10 months – 24 months of age.

Spherovelo 2No corners were cut when designing the “Spherovelo.” It is simply a high quality product from top to bottom. The “Spherovelo” has a sleek modern look with two large spheres making up the main body where your child sits. There are two smaller spheres under the main body of the toy that act as training wheels, stabilizing the rider and allowing your little one to freely scoot around from place to place. Once your child masters the rolling effect, the training wheels can be removed. When the two small spheres are taken off, the “Spherovelo” simulates a bicycle but with much more forgiveness, keeping your child safe from nasty falls.

The seat height is only 7 inches off the ground and features a sturdy wooden handlebar. The “Spherovelo” is very lightweight at just over 5 pounds, measures just 17 inches in length and can be handled with ease by a busy toddler at play. This unique bike is also the first and only ride-on in the world that is able to teach children this young to make early connections between their senses (vision, pressure, equilibrium) and their motor system. In short, the “Spherovelo” teaches baby muscles to respond to what they see and feel.

Spherovelo 3The Toys Bulletin staff just had to see what a young child would do with the Spherovelo, so we put the bike to the test with an 11 month old boy. You are right, this little guy could not even walk yet but he was instantly engaged with the ease of movement, and he grabbed the front handle bar for stability. Once we placed him on the seat of the bike, he began using his feet to push himself. His little bottom fit nicely on the seat and both feet were able to reach the floor. It was immediately clear – he was ready and anxious to begin moving with this bike.

Spherovelo 4The entire staff loved the glossy design and easy to wash durable polyurethane shell. The “Spherovelo” is very suitable for indoor or outdoor use and even comes in 4 unisex colors – green, blue, red and white. There is nothing mediocre about this little bike, in fact we have not seen a toy like it. Early Rider Ltd. definitely innovates rather than copies other toymakers and has been recognized for its accomplishments by winning the Red Dot Product Design Award in 2013 and the Junior Design Award for Best Toy in 2013. This high quality toy retails for $99.00, but it is totally worth the expense as it will no doubt last for generations and become a classic “must have” for every baby out there. The developmental opportunities for this “bike” are simply remarkable for the age group it was designed for. But, we do have a warning for parents…..have your camera ready because the look on your little one’s face once he goes “mobile” will be priceless. The “Spherovelo” can be purchased directly from the Toytoise website.

–Mary Kay



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