Speedy Kid Rifle by Parris

OK, this review is probably not for the moms out there, but rather for the dads and their sons.

Let’s face it, nearly every boy wants to shoot some kind of toy gun. Many retailers pulled most of the true “replica” guns from their shelves years ago. They were considered dangerous, because they could be mistaken for the real thing, which could lead to senseless shootings and possible injuries.

This writer still remembers the picketers who actually stood out in front of the local “Toys R Us” store, forcing them to remove the unsafe guns. They were right, and the few manufacturers left were forced to add a neon orange tip to the end of the barrel to identify their guns as a toy.

However, in the opinion of this reviewer, these actions prompted many parents to simply buy slingshots, BB guns and high speed lead pellet guns for kids that were much too young to handle such things, creating a new generation of youngsters armed and dangerous. 

So, what is the answer to this problem?  Admittedly, it is almost impossible to find a quality kid’s gun system. 

The best bet are replica toy guns made by an Italian company called Edison Giocattoli.  They specialize in replica pistols and rifles that shoot soft rubber ammo at distances up to 50 feet, and yes they require the neon orange tips.  Now, a US distributor is handling the same products. 

Parris Manufacturing Company sells a line of Sportsman Air Soft guns, and the “Speedy Kid Rifle” is the one to buy for your youngsters.

As quoted by the manufacturer, “These guns do not use air cylinders, as you cock the lever or hammer on the gun, it will compress its own air.”  This reviewer owns several of these guns and can vouch for their quality and playability.

The “Speedy Kid Rifle” measures 33″, with lever action, and a 5 shot clip.  It is made of very durable plastic that makes you think you are actually holding a genuine wood stock, and a barrel that looks like it is made of steel.  This reviewer recommends for kids 8 years and older.

The “Speedy Kid Rifle” retails for less than $50.00.  It is also important to order the ammo at the same time.  Packets of soft rubber ammo cost less than $3.00, and can also be found at “Amazon.”  You may want to order several just in case.  This is a terrific toy gun and will be a guaranteed hit.

rated Silver………….– RJ Cullen

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