Slida – A Challenging Puzzle reviews a innovative puzzle ball from Slida.

SLIDA 1“Slida,” designed in Australia, is a 7 piece interlocking puzzle. When put together, it is in the shape of a ball, approximately the size of a baseball. We play tested the “Slida Classic” which is the original puzzle created by inventor Gianni Lavermicocca, who is also the founder and CEO of the company.

Slida 2“Slida” offers a real surprise to those who think they can easily solve a 7 piece puzzle in just a few minutes. To start with, the assembly of the pieces must be done in a strict sequential order. In fact, several of the pieces may look right at first, but users will quickly determine that the pieces must actually be turned and connected in just the right way to make the all important perfect fit. We passed “Slida” around our office and although several of our staff members struggled to solve the puzzle, others were able to get it together in 30 minutes or so. All did agree that “Slida” was a new kind of challenge that they thoroughly enjoyed.

Slida 3To make things even more fun, the “Slida Classic” comes in a wide assortment of color combinations, and it is small enough to easily transport. The pieces are made of a hard plastic that are even dishwasher safe, and we would really recommend this puzzle to almost anyone ages 8 years old and up. We had a great time with “Slida,” and Toys Bulletin is looking forward to the next generation of “Slida” puzzles that will include different shapes, designs and even a toddler edition. There is also an advanced version coming soon, adding more layers and upping the difficulty.

A single solid color “Slida Classic” retails for $17.95, and two multi-colored puzzles can be purchased for $24.95. For now, the best way to get a “Slida” product is to shop at the “Slida” website.

–RJ Cullen

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