Royal Baby George- The Prince of Dolls from Paradise Galleries

Royal Baby George looks at a new doll creation from Paradise Galleries.

Wouldn’t it be exciting to give the Royal Baby George a hug or even meet him? Well, now you can do both. Paradise Galleries has released the “Royal Baby Prince” doll, and he is so lifelike and realistic, it is truly amazing. This Prince of baby dolls, skillfully created by The Masters at Paradise Galleries’ studio, is a 22″ collectible baby boy crafted by hand with the exquisite quality that is synonymous with Paradise Galleries. The “Royal Baby Prince” features silicone-like Flex Touch™ vinyl which looks and feels just like a real baby. The hugs come naturally, as Royal Baby George comes with a weighted soft cloth body for a most lifelike and baby soft feel. Paradise Galleries has magically created the Prince’s head, using a remarkable 2 step process which gives it the appearance of delicate newborn skin that appears to be glowing – just like a real baby.

Royal Baby George was born on July 22, 2013 to Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge and Prince William, Duke of Cambridge. This infant baby Prince doll perfectly represents his newborn status and is more than ready to pose flawlessly on your collector’s shelf or slumber quietly in a bassinet. The “Royal Baby Prince” arrives at your doorstep in a beautiful teal blue collector’s box. The packaging is done with the utmost care, with hands and legs neatly tied in ribbon, a hair net over his hand-painted hair and even a Royal blanket to keep him warm and secure. He also comes with a hand numbered Certificate of Royal Baby George 2Authenticity, assuring you he was the work of a Paradise Galleries Master Sculptor who is committed to bringing you the very best.

The Royal Prince’s beautiful sky blue eyes with hand applied eyelashes seem to sparkle with delight. The hand painted details of his face are amazing – from his strawberry-blond newborn hair and soft blushed cheeks to his adorable half-opened pink mouth, the quality is a vision of perfection. He also comes dressed for any Royal occasion, wearing a powder blue hat with hand stitched detailing, a matching one piece jumper with white Peter Pan collar and a pin tucked blouse adorned with blue decorative top-stitching, which is accented at the waist with a belt and pleated powder blue pants. The ¾ Flex Touch™ vinyl arms and legs are exquisitely unique and hand painted as well. Although there is no silver spoon in his mouth, a silver rattle is included, and like most newborns the “Royal Baby Prince” has one hand in a tight fist and one open to hold his rattle. Baby George is also very poseable and sits nicely (measuring 13” when seated) on shelves or counters.

Although this is a collectible doll and is recommended for ages 14 years old and up, I feel a young child could play with Royal Baby George under adult supervision. “The Royal Baby Prince” has a retail price of $99.95 and considering the quality of the clothing and doll, it is well worth the investment. For purchase, visit the Paradise Galleries website, and while there check out Princess Charlotte, his gorgeous royal sister.

–Mary Kay


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