Ronnie Rocket – Wow! reviews a toy for toddlers from Wow Toys distributed by Reeves International.

Ronnie Rocket 1Wow is right! “Ronnie Rocket” is sure to be a “blastoff” hit with children up to five years old. This colorful yellow and red space rocket includes its own action figure, Major Tom, a little removable spaceman who sits atop the rocket and helps children take off on their celestial adventures. Little ones will love the pull-cord motor which begins a countdown to launch, and parents will be pleased to learn that no batteries are required. Besides simply being a great toy, “Ronnie Rocket” is a sturdy imaginative product that encourages and develops fine motor skills and social development.

Ronnie Rocket 2“Ronnie Rocket,” which stands nearly 9″ high and 5″ wide, actually feels heavier than it first appears, but it is weighted perfectly for small hands to carry around. The visual aspect of seeing numbers for the countdown allows children to recognize and memorize the numbers 5, 4, 3, 2 and 1. The excitement continues as the yellow rocket actually wobbles when the countdown cord is pulled, but the rocket itself is not easily toppled,  standing tall and steady on its three realistic boosters. Imaginary play is stimulated by pretending to launch and create space travel with Major Tom, who is nicely dressed in an orange spacesuit with helmet. Major Tom easily fits into the ship through a specially designed “flip-top” cockpit. If you look carefully inside the cockpit, every attention was given to details – even a chicken dinner for Major Tom. Be sure and look for the magic button that opens the cockpit.

Ronnie Rocket 3Kids will be instantly delighted with “Ronnie Rocket” and need little instruction on how to use it. They will really enjoy placing Major Tom inside the cockpit using the “magic” button and then creating their very own space journey. “Ronnie Rocket” is a high quality, fun, British-designed, developmental toy that is guaranteed to be a favorite with little ones. “Ronnie Rocket” retails for $34.99 and can be purchased directly from the Reeves International website.

–Mary Kay


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