Reza Ninja – The Ultimate Laser Tag Experience

Reza NInja reviews the latest Laser Combat game from Gameware Pte. Ltd.

Here’s a great new toy we found that premiered at this year’s New York Toy Fair and it was among the more memorable of the thousands of items we saw – Reza Ninja. Reza Ninja is a line of ninja battling toys that uses their exclusive Reza Sword design to enable fierce ninja battles using laser tag to count the hits.

Besides the obvious awesomeness of combining two things all kids love, ninjas and laser tag, what really sets this apart is the functionality built into the Reza Sword. There’s a small button on the bottom of each one that allows the user to switch from sword to gun mode. Gun mode is ideal when your opponent is farther away and it works similar to other laser tag systems, point at the target and shoot. But sword mode is an all new experience that we’ve never seen done before. When your opponent is close you can swipe the sword up and down as you would a regular sword and acquire points.

Reza Ninja 2The points are calculated and shown on the vest which simply straps over each player’s shoulder. There’s a target, with the all important option of adding a second target so that the front and the back of the player are covered, and there’s a counter that counts the hits. You can tell when you are hit because the target will flash red and vibrate slightly. It’s a great system, and works very well.

We’d recommend going with the front and back targets. We tested Reza Ninja with a group of kids ages six to ten. With the single target only on the vest, it became more of a game of trying to hide the target from your opponent by running, turning quickly and finding obstacles. With the second target in place, it changed everything since you could strike each other from behind as well. Suddenly the game became more about how many shots you could get off, how fast you could run and how well you could aim. The total number of hits went up significantly.

Reza Ninja 3Overall, the group had a ton of fun with Reza Ninja and they played for hours. As the kids were tallying their scores against one another, we did encounter a tie and came up with a shootout, like soccer, where you propped up the target and had a best of ten shooting contest to break the tie. The possibilities with this system are really endless, and this set certainly keeps the kids moving a lot.

When we met with the designer/creator of Reza Ninja at Toy Fair, we were lucky enough to preview and test some of the additional accessories being produced for Reza Ninja. This included a vest that can also sense touch. So with it, players can use soft throwing stars and foam swords to make additional close combat hits. And the demo we saw worked surprisingly well. You can almost imagine leagues developing, like paintball, around the Reza Ninja devices.

We are excited to see what the future holds for this group of products. The Reza Ninja team was passionate about what they had developed so far, and we love the direction they’re going. The Reza ninja set as it stands now is a blast, and would be a great pick for any ninja loving youngster. To get more information and to purchase the Reza Ninja Laser Tag set, go directly to

— Andrew Cullen

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