Plasticant Mobilo – Building Set Supreme reviews a building set made in Germany from Plasticant Mobilo.

Mobilo 1There are many construction sets to choose from these days, but there is one that clearly has established itself as a standout. “Plasticant Mobilo” is developed and manufactured in Salzburg, Germany, where they use an injection moulding system to create their high-quality plastics, and the final products are a sight to behold.

We first discovered “Plasticant Mobilo” products while roaming the halls at the last New York Toy Fair. We were immediately drawn to the bright colors used on the display models, and we had to see more. We were able to get a 120 piece Standard Set of construction parts, which provided us with a sampling of nearly every type of connector, wheel, rail and support needed to build just about anything.

Mobilo 2“Plasticant Mobilo” is designed with young children in mind, as all of the sets are recommended for ages 3 years old and up. The pieces are not too small, and not too big, but rather just perfect for those tiny little hands. All of the pieces also offer just a bit of flexibility, and they get easier to put together the more they are used. Once the child has put together his creation, many of the connectors allow the pieces to move up and down or side to side. There are pre-assembled wheel sets to make the products move and even a couple of character pieces to add more realism to the fun.

The Standard Set can be used to construct a train, plane, teeter-totter, race car, helicopter and many more. Of course, “Plasticant Mobilo” is really best when things are left to the imagination of the young child. Have the kids grab all of the pieces, show them how the parts connect to each other, and let them go to town.

“Plasticant Mobilo” produces exceptional building sets. In fact, there is a wide range available starting at around $35, and you cannot go wrong with any of them. Check them out at

–RJ Cullen


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