Pentago – Sophisticated Game-Now for Multi-Players

ToysBulletin looks at a clever new version of the famous “Pentago” game from MindTwister USA.

pentago 3For those readers unfamiliar with “Pentago,” it is a fast moving strategy game originally designed for two-players. The basic game includes 4 game blocks containing 3 x 3 grids of circled slots, each of which can hold a small colored chip. Players alternate turns placing one chip at a time in any open position, trying to get 5 chips in a row before their opponent. The chips can be positioned vertically, horizontally, or diagonally and can cross game blocks. The trick to the game is that after a player’s turn he must also twist and turn one of the game blocks 90 degrees in any direction, which will cause a significant change in the look of the board and the positioning of the chips.

Pentago 1When the first player does get five in a row, he is declared the winner, and we guarantee that his opponents will want another crack at the title. The game is addictive and contains many twists and turns, many of which will take some playing time to discover.

pentago 2MindTwister USA has now come out with another version of the game which can be played with up to 4 players. “Pentago Multi-Player.” There are 9 game blocks rather than just four and team play is now introduced. Players still take turns placing colored chips on the game board and the goal remains to play 5 in a row. But more players means more defense and strategy. The Toys Bulletin staff thought it almost played like a slightly different game, and made a nice complementary version to play with a larger group.

The one thing that will never change with “Pentago” is that there is nothing more exciting than to place a chip, twist the block and see 5 in a row staring you in the face for an immediate win.

This is a game that can become addicting if you like family competition and gamesmanship. All versions are incredibly fun but the different board sizes and player numbers certainly creates its share of unique strategies. Check out all of the Pentago game options (priced at $19.99- $29.99) at the MindTwister USA website.

–Peter Lythgoe


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