Kill Doctor Lucky – A Game of Murder reviews the 19.5th Anniversay Edition of a classic game from Cheapass Games.

KIll Doctor Lucky 1It is hard to believe that the first edition of “Kill Doctor Lucky” was released nearly 20 years ago. But now, Cheapass Games has a new version of the original game. They even made a few changes (better in our opinion) to the basic rules and Doctor Lucky also now has a cat named “Patience,” who can impact the game in a very unique way.

For those unfamiliar with “Kill Doctor Lucky,” it is a game intended for 3-8 players and is suggested for ages 12 years old and up. The object of the game is to be the player who kills Doctor Lucky, but he must be found alone and there are many rooms in the Lucky Mansion. { READ MORE...}

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Q-BA-MAZE 2.0 – Build and Enjoy reviews a great construction toy from MindWare.

Q-BA-MAZE 1The Toys Bulletin staff was truly captivated when they visited the MindWare booth at the New York Toy Fair, and first laid eyes on a “Q-BA-MAZE” demonstration. The toy name has a unique meaning, which we believe stands for “Cube Amaze.” Pronounce it quickly and you will get the idea. In any case, the “Q-BA-MAZE” is a very advanced type of marble run with several features we had not seen before. { READ MORE...}

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Hershey’s Mayhem – A Masterpieces® Puzzle assembles a new jigsaw puzzle from Masterpieces® Puzzle Company.

Hershey's Mayhem 1 The Toys Bulletin staff really enjoys putting together a jigsaw puzzle from time to time. In order to do it properly and get maximum feedback, we set aside a table and staff members work on the puzzle at their leisure over a week or two. Once it is assembled, we meet and talk about our experiences working on the puzzle.

In this case, we have to start by saying that the final product represented a full array of great chocolate candy treats, highlighted, of course, by the famous Hershey’s Bar. The display was colorful and the presentation was superb. “Hershey’s Mayhem” is a 1,000 piece puzzle, and the chipboard used for the pieces is made of recycled material. The completed puzzle measures 19.25″ x 26.75″ and rather than disassemble and put it back in the box once done, it is a perfect choice to frame and put on permanent display. { READ MORE...}

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The Awesome World of K’NEX looks at building sets from K’NEX.

KNEX 1K’NEX works a little different than Lego or other building sets, and we were able to test the pieces and assembly with two kids, ages six and eight. The K’NEX pieces as you can see from the pictures primarily consist of long rods and circular connectors. The result is that you can build very large sets with

Our progress after the first night, about halfway done.

Our progress after the first night, about halfway done.

fewer pieces, and the pieces do a great job staying together because the overall creation is very lightweight. When you do break a piece it is different than Legos, and other sets in that there is no type of chain reaction that causes more damage to your project. Fixes are quick, easy and usually isolated. { READ MORE...}

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Happy Pigs – It’s a Challenge to Run a Farm reviews a fantastic game experience from Iello Games.

Happy Pigs 1Have you ever wanted to see what it is like to be a real farmer? Well, it is possible now by playing “Happy Pigs” from Iello Games. The game allows players to compete by buying, feeding, breeding and selling pigs for profit. “Happy Pigs” is suggested for 2-6 players ages 10 years old and up, and a game can easily be completed in less than an hour.

The game contents include 20 field boards to house your pigs, a market board to track product availability and pricing, 196 pig tiles (4 sizes from piglets to big pigs), lots of money (coins and bills), 24 action tiles (6 colors of 4 each), 24 season cards (6 each of spring, summer, fall and winter), 75 item tiles (vaccines, dietary supplements and amulets of life) and a first player token. { READ MORE...}

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Fast Flip – Quick Recognition Will Win the Game looks at a new challenge from Blue Orange Games.

Fast Flip 1In the tradition of the “Spot It” series of games, Blue Orange has released a great new family game entitled “Fast Flip.” It arrives nicely packaged in the traditional Blue Orange metal tin, and includes 54 triangular playing cards, 10 game tokens and a set of rules. The object of the game is to be the first to identify and find the match between images shown on two different playing cards. “Fast Flip” has been designed for 2-8 players ages 7 years old and up. { READ MORE...}

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Kodi – Maybe the Best Doll Ever looks at a new doll from Paradise Galleries.

Kodi 1This particular doll became especially intriguing to me as I recently returned from a wonderful trip to Alaska and found this little darling to be authentic in every detail. “Kodi,” the ultimate collector’s doll, is a 20” Eskimo boy that is as unique and special as our 49th State is to the USA.

“Kodi” will willingly rub noses with you but you may want to hug him instead to appreciate the quality that makes him so spectacular. From his authentic tribal and native wardrobe to the perfect design and weighted body, “Kodi” has it all. This lovely little Eskimo boy is expertly sculpted and has the feel of a real baby, with his head and limbs made from Paradise Galleries’ patented GentleTouch Vinyl. Of course, he is dressed for the rugged and freezing Alaskan weather, and it is easy to see that each layer of clothing is of excellent quality and superbly crafted. { READ MORE...}

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Bring Your Own Book – A New Type of Game

ToysBulletin looks at a new game release from Gamewright.

bring your own book 1“Bring Your Own Book” is a game that requires players to bring a simple prop with them in order to play. That item is a book, and it can be a classic novel, a cook book, your child’s favorite bedtime book or even a Bible. It could be a hardcover or paperback, a favorite book or even one you were disappointed with – all you need is any type of book to use as your tool for the game.

The game requires three or more players (ages 12 years old and up) to play, each with a book of their choice. The game contents included 100 prompt cards, with two prompts per card. To begin play, one player serves as the judge, and chooses one of the prompt cards at random. The judge then chooses one of the two prompts, reads it aloud and players are asked to find the best words, sentences or paragraphs from their book that best fits the descriptive prompt on the card. Once a player yells “got it,” meaning he has found a nice answer, the timer is turned over and the remaining players have 60 seconds to also find an answer in their book. When all players have their answer, the judge chooses the one he thinks is best and awards that card to the player with the best answer. The player judge, who did not participate in the search, passes the judge’s hat on to the next player and the game continues, with the player winning the most cards (generally first to get 4 cards) being declared the overall game winner. { READ MORE...}

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