Our List of The Best Zombie Products Available – Toys, Games, Books and a Few Surprises

ToysBulletin.com takes a look at some of the best Zombie products available. 

There is little doubt that one of the most popular media frenzies of the past several years revolves around a single word, that being Zombies. Quite frankly, they are everywhere. The public’s initial infatuation with Zombies may have begun with the release of the classic horror film, “Night of the Living Dead” in 1968. But more recently, the popular TV shows “The Walking Dead” and to a lesser degree, the Sundance Channel release of “The Returned” have continued to fuel the Zombie fires. Add to this the latest theatrical releases, including Brad Pitt’s “World War Z,” the Zombie comedy “Warm Bodies,” and even an animation hit, “ParaNormal,” and you have some idea what kids and even adults are putting on their Christmas lists in 2013. They want something related to Zombies. 

The staff at Toys Bulletin decided to put their heads together and create a list of some of the best and craziest Zombie items for 2013. We are not going to review these items, although we will admit to having purchased many of them as gifts for friends, family or ourselves. There are some creepy products out there, but we kept our list a bit more “family friendly.” Even so, many of our selections may not be appropriate for everyone. Consider the list a general guide to the world of Zombie merchandise. 

The format will be simple. We will provide a simple list (in no particular order), a brief description of each item, an approximate price, an age recommendation and, of course, a mandatory photo. All of the items can be found by performing a simple search on the Internet, and in many cases, Amazon.com is one of the best sources. You will laugh at some of the products, and be startled with others. In any case, have a good time. Here we go… 


Zombie Opoly Board Game

A spooky version of Monopoly…$25….Ages 8+

Find at Amazon.com




Dismember-Me Plush Zombie

Removable Limbs using Velcro…$30…Ages 12+
Find at Amazon.com




Plants vs. Zombies – 16 Action Figures

From popular video game…$22…Ages 8+
Find at Amazon.com


The Walking Dead Game of the Year

Sensational video game…$31…Ages 17+
Find at Amazon.com




Zombie Tin Lunch Box

Regular size…$10…Ages 2+
Find at Amazon.com




Zombies!!! – The Game

Not new, but one of the best…$20…Ages 12+
Find at Amazon.com




KRE-O CityVille Invasion Police Station Zombie Defense Set

Zombie Building Set…$30…Ages 6+
Find at Amazon.com




Zombie-Hand Peel ‘N Place Toilet Topper

You will not believe it…$5…All ages
Find at Amazon.com




Lite Brix Zombie Manor

Build it (450 pieces), then light it up…$95…Ages 6+
Find at Amazon.com




Once Upon A Zombie – I’m Zombie Belle

An 11” Female Zombie Doll…$38…Ages 6+
Find at Amazon.com




Zombie Kidz Board Game

Cooperative “Stop the Zombies” game…$15…Ages 7+
Find at Amazon.com




Plants vs. Zombies: Brains and the Beanstalk

Kids’ First Zombie Book…$5…Ages 4+
Find at Amazon.com





Lego Monster Fighters: the Zombies

Impossible to find…$180 if you do…Ages 8+
Find at Amazon.com




ZombiU – Nintendo Wii U

Zombie video game…$30…Ages 17+




Munchkin Zombies

Humorous Zombie game…$20…Ages 10+
Find at Amazon.com





Mega Bloks Call of Duty Zombies Horde Collector Construction Set

5 Zombie Figurines…$20…Ages 10+
Find at Amazon.com




Funko Pop Plants vs Zombies: Regular Zombie

4” Tall Vinyl Figure…$17…Ages 6+
Find at Amazon.com





Zombie Soft Comfortable Winter Slippers

One size fits most adults…$24…Adults
Find at Amazon.com





Stop it if you can…$75…Ages 6+
Find at Amazon.com




Plants vs. Zombies: Game of the Year Edition

Kids’ video game…$10…Ages 10+




World War Z Board Game

Game based on hit movie…$20…Ages 12+
Find at Amazon.com





Zombie Head Kettle Bells: Undead for the Unfit

These really do exist, assorted weights…$43-$170 each…Adults




The Walking Dead: Compendium One

The Best Zombie Graphic Novel out there…$34…Ages 10+
Find at Amazon.com




S.L.U.G. Zombies RIP Tombstone 12-Pack

Scary Little Ugly Guys…$10…Ages 4+
Find at Amazon.com




Nerf Zombie Strike Hammershot Blaster

Zombie Blaster…$25…Ages 8+
Find at Amazon.com



Chicago Cubs Zombie Figurine

Most Teams available…$20…Ages 6+
Find at Amazon.com




Zombie Bowling Ball

What can we say…$90-$168…Adults
Find at Amazon.com




Lego Zombie Heads-One Set of 10 Different Designs, Genuine Lego Parts Used

Provide new heads to existing Lego figures…$14…Ages 4+
Find at Amazon.com




Zombie Nesting Dolls

They stack very nicely…$10…Ages 6+




The Walking Dead TV Series-Dixon Brother Action Figure Playset, 2-Pack

Two-5” tall Action Figures…$25…Ages 8+
Find at Amazon.com




Zombie Rubber Duckies

A nice last item…$8…Ages 3+
Find at Amazon.com













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