Novelty Item Review – Stinkerz – Collectible Cards with a Strong Scent looks at one of its most unusual items.

Stinkerz1We thought it might be fun to look at some novelty items from time to time, and here is the first one. We found some stinky sticker trading cards called “Stinkerz.”
The cards are sold in traditional packs, and each pack contains 5 cards, one of which is a “scratch n sniff” card that gives off a terrible odor when scratched. The cards measure 2 ½” x 3 ½” and there are currently 20 cards in series 1. The stickers can be peeled from the card and will stick anywhere.

Stinkerz2The cards have terrific titles, including the two pictured with this review, “Rancid Monkey Fart,” and “Menacing Manure.” The odors are all different, as far as we could tell. We actually tested our sample cards on two young unsuspecting kids (ages 5 and 8), and they literally ran away from the smell. However, as we expected, within minutes they both returned and wanted to smell another. We also waited a few days to see if the cards held their potency, and we can attest that they smelled just as bad.

Each pack of cards also includes a bonus card containing a special “stinkin’ code.” By visiting the contest portion of the Stinkerz website, “stinkin’ bucks” are earned and prizes are available, including caps, visors, glasses and cards.

The cards are recommended for ages 5 years old and up. A single pack of “Stinkerz” cards retails for $3.99 and can be purchased directly from the Stinkerz website. These cards may not be for everyone, but kids love this stuff and so did the staff at ToysBulletin.
— RJ Cullen

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