Novelty Item Review: Beard-O, the Geeky Garden Gnome & Much More looks at some crazy items from Big Mouth Toys.

The Toys Bulletin staff just could not resist mentioning the wild, yet creative products at Big Mouth Toys.  We took a close-up look at “Beard-O, the Geeky Garden Gnome,” who stands about 9.5” high, and retails for around $20.00.  His photo accompanies the review.  The gnome was of high quality and it certainly brought a smile to our faces here at Toys Bulletin.  It would make quite the conversation piece.

We wanted to mention some other products sold by Big Mouth Toys.  We could not begin to review them all, but there is a surprisingly strong market and demand for humorous products.  I still remember going into “Spencer Gifts” at a local mall for the first time, and spending at least an hour in there touching, laughing and eventually buying some gag gifts that I had not seen anywhere before.  I never forgot that experience.

BigMouthToys2Big Mouth Toys actually features some pretty wild stuff, and here are some of their best….a 6-foot giant inflatable yellow rubber duck, an ice cream sandwich pool float, a gumball machine fish bowl, a very unique prescription coffee mug, and a wine goblet with a handy glass at the top.  The list goes on and on, and generally most of the Big Mouth Toy products can be found at  Have some fun and take a look.
— RJ Cullen

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