North American Bear Co. – So Many Choices takes a look at a variety of products from the North American Bear Co.

North American Bear co. 1Created by award winning Todd Parr, the North American Bear Co. offers a velour “Tan & White 10″ Dog” that looks both mischievous and fun at the same time. This lovable puppy will immediately speak to your heart and to children of all ages. The little guy is full of whimsical fantasy as he can quickly assume the identity of either a prince or a flying hero, as he sports both a crown and a lush red cape. This quality crafted puppy arrives with embroidered facial features, featuring eyes that express nothing but adventure, perhaps gazing off to snatch a cookie from the counter. The brown soft velour spots on body and head highlight a most attractive dog indeed. His red cape is also embroidered with a royal blue heart with his name, “Woof,” inside the heart in black bold letters. “Woof” retails for $20.00 and can be purchased directly from the North American Bear Co. website.
North American Bear co. 2An added accessory for “Woof” is an incredible matching board book, entitled “Doggy Kisses 123,” also created and illustrated by Todd Parr. This is a funny, very colorful and cleverly illustrated board book (with padded cover) introducing basic number concepts, starring “Woof,” of course. Counting becomes a simple delight with large numbers and an illustration representing the number – so simple and easy for toddlers to follow. Each page offers an interactive, colorful, and lovable way to begin counting with your little one, as Mr. Parr cleverly places the number of colorful hearts representing a number of doggy kisses in each illustration. The happy colors are bold and bright, perfect for little ones, and to top it off, these laminated pages can easily be wiped clean. The book and matching puppy would certainly catch the attention of children from birth to age 4. “Doggy Kisses 123” retails for $8.00 and can also be purchased from the North American Bear Co. website.
North American Bear co. 3The North American Bear Co. also has a line of quality soft dolls, called “Dolly Pockets.” We are going to review “Dolly Pockets™ Cinderella Blue,” named after the enchanting folk tale character. “Cinderella Blue” features three “Dolly Pockets,” each containing a small finger puppet, representing the Fairy Godmother, the Prince and the Pumpkin. The puppets are easily stowed in the dolls baby blue satin skirt, with each pocket reserved for one of the mini-puppets. This soft velour doll measures 15” tall, with blond hair that is neatly pulled atop her head and fastened securely with a shiny tricot fabric crown. Her pony tail and bangs are loosely cut but sewn nicely into her head, and the happy facial features are a nice touch as well.
The overall quality of this doll is even shown in the finger puppets. The Godmother has velour red hair and a purple velour dress, complete with a matching magic hat and fabric wings. The Prince is handsomely dressed in a red velour tunic with blond hair, and of course he has a golden crown. Lastly and adding a touch of whimsy, the Pumpkin has a little mouse peeking out from the puppet. All of the finger puppets are stitched and held securely to the skirt, keeping them nicely in place. The fun doll is suitable for ages 5 years old and up.

“Dolly Pockets Cinderella Blue” retails for $25.00, and is also sold at the North American Bear Co. website. While there, check out all eight of the available “Dolly Pockets” dolls.

–Mary Kay


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