NogginStik & NogginRings – New Parents Will Love These reviews two baby toys from SmartNoggin.

SmartNoggin 1It is always fun to see the latest toy ideas for babies. Toys Bulletin is especially interested in seeing what types of products catch a baby’s attention, and add to their early learning experience. SmartNoggin has developed a pair of real winners, and we are very pleased to review them both.

The first item is the ‘NogginStik,” which is kind of a super rattle. It lights up, has texture, sounds and even a mirror on the bottom. It stands approximately 5 inches in height and requires 3 LR44 button size batteries, which are included. The top of the “NogginStik” features a round ball-shaped face complete with two bright yellow ears which actually lights up in 3 different colors, green, red and blue. The light is easily activated by the simple touch of baby’s hand. The center body of the “NogginStik” even has a nubby feel, easily grasped by the littlest of hands. Of course, the “NogginStik” not only promotes both motor and cognitive skills, but it is also just fun to watch a little baby play with and entertain themselves with this clever new toy.

SmartNoggin 2The second product is called “NogginRings.” These flexible black and red rings feature a smaller ring for parents to hold at the top and then two larger rings at the bottom for the baby to reach for, grasp and bat at, all while listening to the sound of a rattle nicely located between the bottom two rings. The complete unit measures around 9 inches from top to bottom and babies are really drawn to the movement and motion of the rings. Although a similar toy was introduced several decades ago, SmartNoggin worked with the original designer to update and improve these newly released “NogginRings.”

Both the “NogginStik” and “NogginRings” also include a “Special Parent Guide to Baby’s Milestones” in each package. The Milestone Maker allows parents to keep track of developmental milestones along a baby’s path from birth to 12 months. The “NogginStik” retails for $24.99 and the “NogginRings” retails for $18.99. Each can be purchased on-line at the SmartNoggin website.

–RJ Cullen

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