My Little Dino & Rex – A Paradise Galleries Doll is excited to look at a new doll release from Paradise Galleries.

My Little Dino & rex 1Brand new to the Paradise Galleries family of unique dolls is “My Little Dino & Rex” – a precious lifelike baby boy doll. This 18 inch “Gentle Touch™ Vinyl” doll features such realistic details, you might be fooled into thinking this is a real baby who loves dinosaurs. World renowned Swiss doll Artist, Gaby Jaques has expertly hand sculpted this little guy with astonishing detail. This is a must see doll and a real treat for me to review.

Little Mr. Dino will arrive at your home in the traditional Paradise Galleries sturdy turquoise blue collector’s box, beautifully wrapped with a genuine certificate of authenticity signed by Gaby Jaques greeting you when you open the box. This darling little boy looks at you with his beautiful hazel eyes as he peaks from beneath his playful green fleece zippered hoodie, which is even embroidered with a dinosaur face – teeth and all. Pull the hoodie back and you find that he is wearing a dino print pattern knit beanie, and when removed you discover hand painted soft looking brown hair just like a newborn baby. Dino’s fleece hoodie is removable and under it you find a quality knit onesie with the same dino print matching his beanie. Completing the outfit are green and white striped knit pants designed to keep his legs warm, and finally his feet are also kept toasty with green fleece booties. The overall craftsmanship in this outfit is perfect, containing only the best quality materials.

My Little Dino & Rex 2Little Dino has ¾ vinyl arms, full length vinyl legs and his fingers and toes are amazingly real when touched. Dino’s face is also adorable with hand applied eyelashes and painted eyebrows. His tiny nose and pouty mouth are expertly sculpted to feel soft and smooth just like a real baby, and his two plump cheeks are blushed telling you this is indeed a very healthy and happy baby boy. To top it off, Little Dino comes with his pal “Rex,” a darling green plush long neck dinosaur toy with embroidered dark green hearts on his back. His tail is tipped with a soft pink heart, all that is left is for you to supply the love.

This little guy will be a big addition to any collector’s shelf as he is very poseable with his weighted cloth body, and he can even sit without a stand. The company is so confident that you will love this doll that they promise to gladly take back the doll, and refund the entire purchase price within 30 days. Although he looks very sturdy and is constructed well, “My Little Dino & Rex” is recommended for ages 14 years old and up and is not intended to be a child’s toy. This beautifully crafted doll is well worth the retail price of $99.95, but may be in short supply, so it is easiest to order from the Paradise Galleries website.

–Mary Kay

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