More Wind-Up Toys for Kids of Every Age

Zwindups finds even more clever wind-up toys.

We reviewed several wind-up toys from “Z Windups” back on 6 April 2015 (see our review), and the response was so favorable that we just had to share a few more of their products with our readers. Last time, we looked at three different design categories, and today, we are going to look at three more.

Zwindups 2aFirst up is the line of “Z Windups,” maybe more of a standard design category, but each one of the wind-ups is so unique in its movement. We looked at “Scamper,” a squirrel balancing an acorn above its head, spinning and jumping, all while wagging its tale and moving his legs as fast as he can. Then we play tested “Skippy,” a monkey who skipped roped, wiggled his ears and moved in a circle while jumping. Both of these wind-ups measured approximately 3½” high and featured translucent plastic bodies showing the inner workings of the wind-ups. No batteries are needed to operate the wind-ups, just a quick turn of the small red knob, and the wind-up is up and going. “Scamper” and “Skippy” each retail for $4.95 each.

Z Windups 3The second design category was the “Z Pull Backs,” a line of small plastic vehicles that take off straight ahead by simply providing a quick reverse pull to get started. These vehicles are just 2″ long and approximately 1″ high but they really fly down the straightaway. They are budget priced at just $3.95 each, and currently feature 30 different designs for kids to collect. We have included a photo of the hot green “Backfire” truck, so you can get an idea of what to expect from a “Z Pull Back.”

The third design category was maybe the biggest surprise to the Toys Bulletin staff. These were called “Z Writers.” Each item in this group of toys was an actual writing pen with a retractable point that quickly becomes an action vehicle that can be sent off to the races by simply a reverse pull. To move the pen’s point in and out takes only a turn of the nose of the vehicle, and when the point is hidden, the vehicle is ready to go. The pen also wrote very nicely too, so we had a seven year old hold the pen for us to see if it fit his hand. It was perfect for Zwindups 4aZwindups 5ahim. We let him keep one of the samples, and he immediately put it inside his back pack ready for the trip to school the next day. We have included a pair of “Z Writer” photos, both of the “Renegade” plane vehicle, one photo showing the pen point extended and one showing the plane ready for travel. Note the extended wings when the pen point is hidden. A typical “Z Writer” measures around 6″ in length and retails for $7.99.

The entire line of wind-up toys from “Z Windups” is well worth a visit to their website,, where you can watch several videos and see many of their products in action. Purchases can be made directly at the website as well.

–RJ Cullen

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