Mixxie Mopsie – A Doll Not to be Missed

Mixxie Mopsie 1ToysBulletin.com looks at a new doll release from Adora.

“Mixxie Mopsie” is a 16″ soft doll that currently comes in two different versions, “Jazzy Sparkles” and “Hugsy Daisy.” Our review doll was “Jazzy Sparkles,” and she arrives in the classic Adora pink and purple box, greeting you through the see-through plastic “window.” She is colorfully dressed in a fluffy purple tutu with bright green and dark green tights, complete with darling pink shoes that are covered in tiny white hearts and a fixed velour pale blue bow. Her soft blue striped knit body even features two embroidered pink hearts. There is also a sturdy pink and white polka dot romper that provides a complimentary interchangeable outfit for your little one to play with.

Mixxie Mopsie 2Adora’s creativity is evident by including both interchangeable arms (sleeves) and legs, creating several fashion options for any young stylist. The legs and arms (sleeves) are each attached using a large colorful button which encourages fine motor skills and imaginative play. There is an extra set of legs with pink and white polka dot knit fabric and large pink velour boots trimmed in white faux fur. Of course a sweet pink heart is embroidered on the front of each boot. Additional arms (sleeves) are also included that nicely match with pink and white polka dot knit fabric, complete with warm white mittens for keeping “Jazzy Sparkles” warm during frosty winter play. The doll’s purple yarn hair is especially attractive, and can easily be fashioned using the pink and white polka dot hair tie or two identical hair clips for pig tails. This unique purple hair doesn’t seem to tangle either, as it is made with large strand sturdy yarn. Finally, her embroidered face is just adorable, highlighted by the large brown eyes with “heart” sparkles, tiny little ears and a small sweet pink smile.

Mixxie Mopsie 3When Adora designed this joyful line of dolls, they certainly had small children in mind, as it is a perfect fit for all of those inquisitive little ones out there. What does a young child typically do with a new doll? Our experience says many younger children will totally undress and take the doll apart. Well, with “Mixxie Mopsie,” Adora has come up with a solution – a soft take-apart doll that arrives complete with mix and match arms (sleeves) and legs along with an outfit. We believe that Adora knows what little girls are asking for when it comes to dolls. In addition, all of Adora’s dolls are submitted for independent testing with a third party Testing Lab assuring parents that the latest safety guidelines are being followed.

“Mixxie Mopsie” is recommended for children ages 4 years old and up and we are sure your little one will be totally thrilled with this doll. “Jazzy Sparkles” and “Hugsy Daisy” each retail for just $39.99, and they are both equal in appeal and quality. You might want to consider buying both of them, creating even more mix and match possibilities between the two “Mixxie Mopsie” doll choices. You can check things out in more detail and buy the dolls directly from the Adora Dolls website.

–Mary Kay

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