Magformers – Magnetic Building at its Best reviews a magnetic construction kit from Magformers LLC.

Magformers 1We have searched for several years to find the ultimate and best magnetic building toy. Our search is now over. We have found “Magformers,” where the high quality is equally matched with a rewarding play experience.

We got our hands on the 62 piece “Magformers Rainbow” set for review. The set includes 20 triangular, 30 square and 12 pentagon shaped magnetic pieces in 6 different colors, along with a 28 page full-color “Idea Booklet.” Each of the geometric shaped pieces has one magnet on each of its sides. Thus, the square has 4 magnets, one positioned in the middle of each of its 4 sides, the triangle has 3 magnets and the pentagon has 5 magnets. The magnets are actually rotating Rare Earth Neodymium magnets, considered both strong and having great connectivity powers. For safety, the magnets are encased in HQABS plastic and are BPA free.

Magformers 2But enough of those big scientific words, let’s talk about some designs. We grabbed the “Idea Booklet” and immediately gravitated to the large ball. The ball required 20 triangular and 12 pentagon shaped pieces. We discovered that one easy approach to completing a three-dimensional magnetic design is to lay out the pieces flat, and then pull up from the center. We did that with each half of the ball and it worked perfectly. We also tackled building a speedboat that used nearly all of our square pieces, but the final result was a real beauty. We hated to take it apart.

Magformers 3Of course, it is also loads of fun to make your own creations, mixing shapes and colors in all sorts of ways. The magnets were just as strong as advertised, holding pieces together with ease. The range of design options is nearly infinite, as imaginative kids will come up with surprises every time they touch the pieces. The 62 piece Rainbow set provided enough pieces to keep kids entertained for hours at a time.

There is good reason to understand why “Magformers” is the recognized leader in magnetic building toys for kids. They simply make a great product. The “Magformers Rainbow” set retails for $99.99, but there is a full line of sets available starting with a 14 piece classic set priced at just $24.99. To see all available Magformers products and make any purchases, go directly to the Magformers website.

–RJ Cullen





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