Lyla Tov Monsters – Play & Protect

Lyla Tov Monsters takes a close up look at a new line of plush toys.

Look out Monsters! Squonk and Madeline are attacking and they will spare no monster left in the closet. These adorable, huggable “monsters” will rid your home of any luring, ugly, stinky or grumpy monsters. Easy to use too; simply hug and the monsters disappear. Four adorable “monsters” from Lyla Tov Monsters are now available to terminate bad dreams and serve as a protector of a good night’s sleep. Lyla Tov (“Good Night” in Hebrew), was the original creation of Lyla Black – a three year old who made her first monster for her dad, Eric Black, as a gift. The recipient of the 2014 Young Inventor of the Year TAGIE award, Lyla comes by creativity naturally. Her mother, Erin Black, a two time Emmy award winning costume designer for Sesame Street and the Jim Henson Company had worked with monsters for over ten years. Lyla’s father Eric has also worked extensively for the Jim Henson Company as well as for Scholastic Media. Hard to miss with this family combo team.

Toys Bulletin was able to get a hold of two of the available Monsters – Squonk and Madeline – both the same size – about 18 inches long and 22 inches in arm span. Squonk is a best friend to all ages of children, and all he needs is a cuddle and he is ready to leave all fears and sadness behind. He is especially great handling nervousness or scary situations. Imagine school plays, or sleep-over nervousness – bam – gone with a simple cuddle. Squonk is worth his weight in gold. He comes attractively dressed in a very soft (very cuddly) sky blue velour material body and is adorned with dark blue polka dot nylon arms complemented with blue and green nylon striped legs. The arms and legs are very long and very easy to hold or simply tie on your child’s bed when you tuck them in at night. His bright yellow “horns” allow him to be viewed as a “monster” and stimulate the creativity in any child’s mind as this little guy stands ready to defend a good night’s sleep. He also has a colorful pale green, blue, purple and teal striped Lyla Tov Monsters 2“pocket” on his tummy to keep special treasures safe. His delightful red embroidered smile is surely another comfort and his black button “eyes” are always on the look out for ways to protect against even the strangest of thoughts. His delightful purple flannel “tail” is durable and adds to Squonk’s adorable personality. Squonk is also machine washable so he can protect again and again. Squonk, who retails for $19.99, is well worth having around. Nice to have someone help make a child’s sleep time a pleasant one.

Madeline is obviously a girly girl monster as she has a very soft pink velour body. Her lovely yellow flannel “hair” is neatly tied on her head with a polka dot grosgrain ribbon. Her big red embroidered smile is touched off by large black “button” eyes. She is spunky and ready to have some fun in her bright yellow nylon shirt featuring white polka dots. A lovely large and bright pink flannel heart is in the middle of her shirt to assure you she will always be ready to send love and keep nightmares and fears away. All she needs to remain protective of a good night’s sleep is a cuddle. Her long “arms” are adorned with bright pink hearts and polka dots and her “legs” are made Lyla Tov Monsters 3from pink, soft pink and bright yellow, blue and green striped nylon material. She even has a bright pink “tail” which Madeline uses to shoo away any bad monsters. Again, Madeline is machine washable and a great value at $19.99.

It is obvious that the perfect choice of “costuming” for these little creatures has been influenced by Erin’s extensive knowledge and creativity. These little “monsters” are colorful, sturdy and sure to make all bad monsters run away in fear. The Lyla Tov Monsters are an imaginative way to let children (and parents) sleep well. A portion of the proceeds from the sale of each Lyla Tov Monster will be donated to a children’s charity of Lyla’s choice to help ensure that children all over the world get a better night’s sleep. What could be better than that? For more information and purchase information, be sure to visit the Lyla Tov Monsters website.

-Mary Kay

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