LockerLookz – School Lockers Will Never be the Same

LockerLookz takes a look at the new craze – locker decorating.

Back in the old days, a school locker was a place to keep your books, a bag lunch and maybe some pens and pencils. Well, things have changed for sure, as now those previously plain looking lockers have gotten a complete makeover. “LockerLookz” has created a full line of locker accessories primarily LockerLookz 1intended for preadolescent “tween” girls, who are generally considered to be those between the ages of 10 and 13. However, the appeal of “LockerLookz” could also be very attractive to those a bit younger or older than the so-called “tween” years.

We got a hold of five different color coordinated accessories from “LockerLookz,” including a stylish pink plush rug measuring 12″ x 17″, which nicely covers the metal bottom of a locker, an aqua colored glitter wallpaper that comes in four easy-to-install pre-cut panels to cover all interior sides of a locker, all held in place by 20 included magnets, a nifty round (6″ diameter) magnetic mirror featuring an aqua frame that perfectly matches the wallpaper, a small pink magnetic bin (4½” long x 3½” wide) made to hold odds and LockerLookz 3ends and finally our favorite accessory piece, a cool jeweled lamp to help light up those dreary lockers. The lamp hangs about 6½” down from the top of a locker, held in place by three powerful neodymium rare earth magnets. Although the lamp does require 3 AAA batteries (not included) to power the LED bulb, there is a motion sensor which will detect movement and turn the light on and then off automatically after 2 minutes, especially designed to help preserve battery life.

LockerLookz 4All of these accessories come in multiple color choices and patterns to match the individual tastes of today’s young “tweens.” In addition, there are several other accessories available in the LockerLookz” collection including white boards, picture frames, decorative flowers and even an elegant chandelier. Each of the many accessory pieces is priced separately ranging from $5.99 to $19.99. “Tweens” might simply start out with the rug and/or wallpaper and then add additional matching items as they see fit.

LockerLookz 5


The Toys Bulletin staff was most impressed by the exceptional number of product choices and especially the quality of everything offered in the full line of “LockerLookz” accessories. We believe “tweens” with lockers will love all of these items. In fact, “LockerLookz” may soon become a required school supply just like paper and pencils. Check out the “LockerLookz” website for much more information and a full range of pricing. While there, click on “Design your Locker” and you can actually mix and match accessories using various color schemes to see what a decorated locker might look like.

–RJ Cullen


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