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Little Cosmetics looks at the best in pretend makeup from Little Cosmetics.

I still have visions of my little one with bright lipstick smeared all over her precious little face after getting into “mommy’s makeup.” Yuck, right? Well, thanks to “Little Cosmetics,” they have developed a solution to this age old problem. In 2012, Starla Tyler, a mother and schoolteacher, was growing tired of dealing with her daughter’s messy attempts with so-called “children’s” makeup. So she formed the “Little Cosmetics” company after seeing the need first hand for realism in the pretend makeup category. The company’s objective was to create a pretend makeup collection that not only looked like the real deal, but was also completely mess-free. Well, to be honest, I approached this product with lots of skepticism. How could they produce mess-free makeup for kids? Somehow, they did it.

The “Little Cosmetics’ company now offers lots of pretend makeup, even matching sets for your girl’s dolls, and believe it or not, nothing will transfer to the delicate skin of your little ones. No face stains, clothing stains, marks on the furniture and even the family dog will escape unmarked. The products are designed for preschool children ages 3-5 years old, and will likely be high on many wish lists during the upcoming holiday season.

Little Cosmetics 2We had to try the pretend makeup on an actual little girl, so we got a hold of one my nieces, who is 4 years old. With a little help from mom, she tried the Blush ($3.50), Glitter pot ($3.50) and Lip gloss ($3.50) and yes indeed the products were completely mess-free. The items also have a realistic look to them (all of our test products were pink), which just happened to be our little one’s favorite color. There are, however, optional colors available. Our little sweetheart actually spent more time putting on her make-up than I do (hard to believe). She was suddenly quite the big girl.

The blush has a soft powdery texture, just like mine, but there is no transfer of any kind to your hands. The glitter pot eye shadow has the texture of a real glittery eye shadow but once again, there was no transfer of any product. The imaginative design of the lip gloss, featuring a movable ball, makes it feel like actual lip gloss is being dispensed, yet there is no transfer or mess.  It is magic or at least amazing!

Little Cosmetics 3“Little Cosmetics” has released what they call the “Essential Set” ($19.99), which includes a pretend powder compact, pretend blush, pretend lip gloss, pretend glitter pot, pretend makeup brush set and pretend eye shadow palette all in a colorful cosmetic bag. That is certainly much more reasonable than what I spend on my makeup, that is for sure. “Little Cosmetics” seems to have thought of everything, as they have combined their “Essential Set,” with a mini set for your little one’s doll for $24.99. All of the products offered by “Little Cosmetics” can be bought separately or in sets. Check out the “Little Cosmetics” website for purchase details and lots more information.

–Mary Kay


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