Little Cosmetics – Little Makeup Artist Set looks at a new makeup kit from Little Cosmetics.

Little Cosmetics 1Designed with curious preschoolers in mind, “Little Cosmetics” company now has a bigger and better set of pretend makeup for that little artist wanna be.  I reviewed the basic set (see review from 30 October 2015) and now it is time to take it to the next level. Just as previously reviewed, the realistic quality of this brand is unlike anything else on the market. Of course, the key selling feature of any of the products in the “Little Cosmetics” line continues to be that their makeup does not get on your little one’s face, hands or clothes – it is completely mess-free. I know, it is hard to believe, but true. In addition, I really loved the textures found among the different makeup choices offered. For example, the powder was very soft to the touch, while the sparkle shadow was designed to be a bit rougher.

Little Cosmetics 2This larger set comes complete with a Powder Compact, Rosy Pink Blush, Grape Shimmer Glitter Pot, Wildflowers Artist Palette, Highlight & Contour Kit, Floral Fuchsia Lipstick, Makeup Brush Set and a cute little Wildflower Cosmetic Bag to hold all of these goodies. And what could be better than owning this complete set?  How about a matching set for your little one’s doll. Yes, it appears that “Little Cosmetics” has thought of everything; wow to be a child again!  These are creative safe make believe products, made to astound parents and kids alike with their realistic qualities.

“Little Cosmetics” offers a complete line of pretend make up products. The “Little Makeup Artist Set” mentioned in our review retails for $29.99. Check out all of their products at the “Little Cosmetics” website.

–Mary Kay


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