Linkee – Very Clever Indeed! reviews a great new party game from Bananagrams.

Linkee 1“LINKEE” arrives with around 350 game cards, each with four easy to answer questions and one final clue. The object of the game is to link each of the answers together, thus revealing the “LINKEE” or final solution. The final clue gives a very helpful hint to the solution, just in case things do not quite click after the first four questions. We have included an example of a game card with this review. As you can see, each of the questions reveals the following four answers…Giraffe, Cheetah, Leopard and Dalmation, with the final clue being “X marks the ____.” The “LINKEE” or solution is “Animals with Spots.”

LInkee 2Now that you have an idea how a game card works, there are some rules for the actual game. Player divide up into teams, with one person being the Question Master. That person will choose a game card at random, and ask the questions one at a time to the teams. The job of Question Master can be alternated between teams, so everyone gets to play. After each question is asked, any team can shout out a solution, after first yelling “LINKEE.” If they are wrong, that team is out until the next card is read. If the correct solution is given, that teams wins the card. If no team is able to come up with the correct solution after the 4 questions are read, the final clue is read aloud and teams get one last chance.

On the back of each game card, there is a letter, either an L, I, N, K or E. The first team to collect the game cards that spell the word “LINKEE” are declared the winner. To make things even more fun, teams can trade 2 of their game cards in to get an opponent’s game card removed from the game. Or better yet, a team is allowed to trade 3 of their game cards in and get a card with a letter of their choice. Of course, it is also fun to just play a basic 2 player game, where players compete head-to-head by each reading questions to each other from different game cards. The first player to get the right “LINKEE” (solution) wins the card.

Linkee 3We had a great time playing “LINKEE” among the Toys Bulletin staff. We thought the questions were fair, generally easy, and once you got the final clue, the answer was pretty simple. However, once in a while, we did get stumped, and on many occasions, anxious teams would shout out the wrong answer after only hearing the first or second clue. Of course, the penalty was steep, having to sit out the remaining action on that card.

This is a perfect party game accommodating as many as 30 players, ages 14 years old and up. It would also be the type of game to play in a car or among family members at home. Lastly, the game even includes 4 note pads and 4 pencils. The note pads come in especially handy when conferring with your team members about potential solutions, but not wanting the other teams to hear your discussions. “LINKEE” retails for $22.49 and can be purchased at

–RJ Cullen

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