Lego Ninjago-Spinjitzu Scavenger Hunt—–An exciting new app for the iPhone or iPad

One of the most popular new apps on the market for your iPhone or iPad is from the folks at Lego. This app is made to work in conjunction with the new Lego Ninjago building, spinner and card sets. The app can be quickly loaded for free.

ninjagoOnce loaded, players can test their skills in the battle arena. The game portion of this app is represented by a circular fighting ninja figure. By tapping the screen as fast as you can and then tilting your device to move up or down or side to side, the ninja will spin faster and faster, allowing you to bump or attack your opponent. This is called the art of “Spinjitzu.” But beware, your opponent is also spinning and attacking at the same time. If you are the victor, you can earn coins to be used to purchase better weapons and armor. If you lose, you can try again. It is pretty easy to win the opening battle.

However, it doesn’t take long to discover that in order to progress very far in the game, you do need to upgrade your battle gear. The only way to do that introduces the scavenger portion of the game. You must find the items you need to continue on your quest by scanning the barcode of the Lego Ninjago merchandise that includes the items you seek to improve your luck in the battle arena. For example, the game may suggest you need a black sword to better your chances. In order to add a black sword, you must find a Lego Ninjago box set that contains such a sword and then scan the barcode. The game even tells you the Lego Set # to look for at the store.

Although you don’t have to necessarily buy the Lego set in order to get the barcode, that would be the safest and easiest thing to do. Certainly that is the intention of the marketing team at Lego who released this app. I noticed that many of the barcodes are available on various Lego Ninjago internet forums, and the barcode numbers can be entered manually using your keyboard.
Overall, this was a simple, fun app that promotes the Lego Ninjago product line, which includes not only Ninjago building sets, but Battle Cards and Spinners which allow you to do battle for real in your own home arena.– Lance Manion

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