Kylo Ren – An Amazing Interactive Star Wars Figure

Kylo Ren takes a close look at a new kind of animatronic interactive figure from Thinkway Toys.

As many of you know, Kylo Ren is the newest villain in the latest installment of the Star Wars movie series, “The Force Awakens.” And just in time for the holidays, Thinkway Toys has released a 17″ deluxe edition of this character complete with an actual real time Lightsaber and voice effects. The Kylo Ren figure is fully cloaked in a black cape and hood, and he carries a most unique Lightsaber, featuring the seldom seen crossguard blades. He requires 3 AAA batteries, and once installed he is ready for action.

Kylo Ren 2There are actually three different play modes that can be used, the training mode, battle mode and talk mode. The training mode allows you to learn the various moves involved in waving and handling the Lightsaber. As the training progresses, you will gain better command of the Lightsaber, eventually mastering the art of the action strike. Kylo himself will reward your progress with a voice command. The battle mode will then allow you to move the Lightsaber at various speeds, while hearing and seeing the light and sound effects. The talk mode is activated by simply lifting Kylo Ren’s left arm, which will provide the actual voice used in the film, and also cause head, arm and waist actions. Kids will love all of the options, and get especially excited with the bright glow of the Lightsaber and all of the fantastic sounds.

Kylo Ren has an incredible 31 points of articulation, and stands up straight and sturdy right out of the box. The Toys Bulletin staff found this to be a particular favorite of the many toys we tested during the holiday season. Overall, this is a very impressive toy suggested for ages 4 years old and up. However, it will be equally attractive to those who collect and treasure Star Wars toys. Thus, we can see this being a big hit under the Christmas tree for kids and adults alike.

Kylo Ren 3There are several other similar interactive Star Wars figures available from Thinkway Toys, including Darth Vader, Chewbacca and C-3PO. We actually play tested the Darth Vader figure and it features the original voice from the earlier Star Wars films, and captures the same excitement as the Kylo Ren figure in a very similar package. All of these animatronic interactive figures retail for $129.99 and are sold exclusively by Toys”R”Us. However, there are sale prices available right now, so check out your local Toys”R”Us store or the ToysRUs website.

–RJ Cullen

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