Kodi – Maybe the Best Doll Ever

ToysBulletin.com looks at a new doll from Paradise Galleries.

Kodi 1This particular doll became especially intriguing to me as I recently returned from a wonderful trip to Alaska and found this little darling to be authentic in every detail. “Kodi,” the ultimate collector’s doll, is a 20” Eskimo boy that is as unique and special as our 49th State is to the USA.

“Kodi” will willingly rub noses with you but you may want to hug him instead to appreciate the quality that makes him so spectacular. From his authentic tribal and native wardrobe to the perfect design and weighted body, “Kodi” has it all. This lovely little Eskimo boy is expertly sculpted and has the feel of a real baby, with his head and limbs made from Paradise Galleries’ patented GentleTouch Vinyl. Of course, he is dressed for the rugged and freezing Alaskan weather, and it is easy to see that each layer of clothing is of excellent quality and superbly crafted.

Kodi 2Paradise Galleries really hit it out of the park with “Kodi.” He has the innocence of a little boy, with his rosy cheeks, pouty lips, and adorable chubby chin, plus his golden brown skin tone compliments his adorable almond shaped brown eyes- very authentic to his Alaskan heritage. His spikey jet black hair is styled to withstand the harsh elements of the cold and is kept in place with a tribal printed headband. The eyelashes and hand painted details of Kodi’s face are stunning, and his chubby hands and feet are posed to perfection.

Kodi 3He comes nicely dressed in his tribal clothing, with soft grey corduroy pants, and a faux fur jacket with the look of real seal skin. The jacket, lined in soft fleece, is trimmed around the sleeves and waist with a tribal print, featuring black, white, blue and yellow stitching, perfectly matching the headband. Under his warm jacket, there is a sky blue ribbed turtleneck – nicely paired with the white, grey, and black colors in his outer clothing. His feet are kept warm with some soft white fleece lined booties, which, of course, are trimmed with the grey faux fur. Unlike so many of the stiff collectible dolls I have seen, “Kodi” is an exceptionally special little guy.

Collectors will immediately recognize the beautiful aqua box, a Paradise Galleries exclusive, and the excitement will only grow when you open the box and are greeted with a certificate of authenticity personally signed and numbered by world renowned artist Ping Lau. This doll could easily carry a hefty price tag, yet the retail price is only $99.95, very reasonable for a doll that will likely be an heirloom for generations. Check out “Kodi” at the Paradise Galleries website.

–Mary Kay


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