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ToysBulletin.com reviews a pair of sports games from “The Haywire Group.”

Jukem 1One of Toys Bulletin’s first reviews was for a brand new card game called “Jukem Football.” We saw the game in action during our first stop at the New York Toy Fair in 2011, and we loved the game. A few months later, it was named one of our “Best of 2011.” Take a look at that early review from 14 March 2011. Now, “The Haywire Group” has released “Jukem Basketball” and “Jukem Soccer” to complement the popular football game.

We generally think of “juke” as the act of faking a sports opponent out by making an elusive type of move. Well, that definition fits perfectly with both “Jukem Basketball” and “Jukem Soccer,” since it is essential to play the game cards just right to outmaneuver and defeat your opponent.

jukem 2“Jukem Basketball” consists of 56 cards, both offensive (38 cards) and defensive cards (17 cards), plus one time out card. The game is suggested for 2 players ages 8 years old and up and a typical game lasts no longer than 30 minutes. After each player receives 5 cards at random, the game begins. Players alternate turns by playing an offensive card, like 2 pointer, 3 pointer or dunk and then the opponent plays a defensive card to stop it, like miss, brick or air ball. If the defense cannot stop the shot, there is a score, but if the defense stops the shot, there is no score. Used cards are replaced from the draw pile. When the draw pile is exhausted, the quarter ends. After 4 quarters, the player with the highest point total wins. There are several special cards that are used to make the game even more entertaining, including the special “Jukem” offensive card, that will double your score when played and protect against defensive plays.

jukem 3“Jukem Soccer” also consists of 56 cards, and has both offensive (42 cards) and defensive cards (14 cards). This game is also suggested for the same age group (8 years+) and is considered a two-player contest, with a game time from 20-30 minutes. There are lots of similarities between “Jukem Basketball” and “Jukem Soccer,” as both games start with hands of 5 cards, but there are many key differences as well. As in real life, it is far more difficult to score a soccer goal than make a shot in basketball, and so too in “Jukem Soccer,” goals are much more of a challenge. In fact, players must first set up for a shot, by playing pass cards, header cards and maybe even a flop card. Used cards are replenished from the draw pile.

Once a player has placed down sufficient play cards, he is eligible to take a shot, if he has a shot card in his hand. Every shot card has nine boxes, some of which contain soccer balls (some are blank). The soccer balls indicate where the shot is coming from on the field. The opponent then grabs a save card, if he has one in his hand. Every save card contains the same nine box locations as the shot cards. If there is an X in the boxes that correspond to the soccer balls on the shot card, the shot is blocked. But if there is no X in the matching boxes, a goal is scored. The first half of play ends when the draw pile runs out. After the second half is completed, the player with the most goals wins the soccer match. There are also penalty cards in play that makes things more interesting and of course, there is a “Jukem” card that cannot be blocked when taking a shot on goal.

Both “Jukem Basketball” and “Jukem Soccer” are engaging challenging games, combining strategic play with a perfect amount of luck. Each game retails for just $9.99 and can be purchased, along with “Jukem Football,” at the “The Haywire Group” website.

–RJ Cullen


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