Jukem Football Game – A Closer Look at the Action

We first saw and played “Jukem” back at the New York Toy Fair last month.  We expressed a very favorable first impression on this website at that time, but now have had time to play many more test games, including a complete analysis from our focus group.
I think we were wrong about this game………IT IS FAR BETTER THAN WE HAD ORIGINALLY THOUGHT. The feedback was amazing.  Everyone loved it, from sports minded kids, to adults and their spouses, many of whom knew little about the game of football.
The game comes with two 56 card playing decks, one for beginners, called the “Rookie Set” and one for the more experienced player called the “Jukem Deck.”  The object of the game is to simply create a scoring drive of exactly 100  ards.  You can do this by using either running plays or pass and catch plays.  Each team has 5 cards in their hands before each play, and continues to move their team toward the 100 yard goal, as long as they can play the appropriate cards.  If their drive is stalled, the other team takes their turn and begins their drive in much the same way.  Along the way, there are defensive cards that can be played to stop a particular play, like a penalty or blitz card, or cards that can eliminate an offensive drive completely, like a fumble or interception card.  Once a drive is eliminated, that team must start a new one on their next turn.  But by playing the “Jukem” card, the length of an offensive play doubles and the defense cannot stop it.

The game is played until all 56 cards are used or discarded, and that takes you to “halftime.”  You do it all again for the second “half.”  You can also
combine both the “Rookie” and “Jukem” decks to 112 cards and double the length of the game, and also increase the offensive opportunities.

Touchdowns count for 7 points, and you can kick a field goal (within 30 yards of the 100 yard goal), worth 3 points, if your drive stalls, and your team decides that the cards in your hand might be better used on a new drive.  The inventor of the game encourages players to create their own “house rules,” to enhance the game to their own likes and dislikes.  For example, he suggests that by adding a dice role, you could create extra point and 2 point conversion options.  My suggestion for a “house rule” would be to use a dice role to determine if a field goal attempt was good or not, varying the possibilities of success on the distance of the kick.  

This is a really fun game experience that can take as little time as 20 minutes to play.  It is fun for all ages, although you must be able to add up your yardage on each play to measure your progress toward the 100 yard goal.  One of our readers ordered one for her nephew now serving in the Marines.  What a great idea.  This game takes up little or no room and can played just about anywhere.  Take and look and order from Amazon.com.

Congratulations to “Flying Pig Games” for creating “Jukem Football,” now one of our favorite games.  We will place this game in our Gold Rated Toys and Games list.
— RJ Cullen
*Gold Rating

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