Imagine – Transparency to Reality looks at a creative guessing game from Gamewright.

imagine 1“Imagine” is a game that is unlike any other we have played recently. 3-8 players ages 12 years old and up are asked to first draw an enigma card. There are 65 such cards, and each provides a list of 8 enigmas (creative challenges) including objects, songs, TV shows, movies, characters, geography, fairy tales and many more. There are also 61 transparent cards, each depicting a shape, an image or everyday objects. The idea of the game is for players to use as many of the transparent cards as needed to allow the other players to guess the enigma listed on the card.

To get things set up, all of the transparent cards are placed on a table in two concentric circles. The enigma cards are shuffled and set in a pile nearby. There are also 35 scoring tokens, which are also placed in reach of all players. The playing area will be inside the two circles formed by the transparent cards. Players will alternate turns by first drawing one enigma card from the stack, and not showing it to any of the other players, while another player calls out a number from 1 to 8. This tells the player which enigma on that card will be the basis for his creativity.

imagine 2For example, say an opponent calls out 7, that immediately tells the player which enigma on the card he is trying to create and a clue, which can be read aloud. Let’s say the clue is an “object” and the enigma to be solved is a “Yo-Yo.” The player then grabs as many of the transparent cards as he thinks is needed to get the other players to guess the enigma, a “Yo-Yo.” We found 3 transparent cards that did the trick, an image of a standing man, a circle and line. By moving the circle up and down on the line, it somewhat resembled a man playing with a “Yo-Yo.” The key to using the transparent cards is that you can combine them, stack them, and move them, in addition to using as many as you might need.

Here is another example that worked very well. The opponent called out 3, which provided “TV show” as the clue, and “The Walking Dead” as the enigma. A staff member took two transparent cards, one of a skull and one of a walking man. The player placed the skull just above the head of the walking man, and moved it along the table from left to right. Another player immediately guessed the popular TV show, “The Walking Dead” as the answer.

If a player guesses the enigma (answer) correctly, he earns a token worth 1 point, and the player who placed the transparent cards also earns a 1 point token. If no one can guess the enigma correctly, the next player takes a turn and no points are scored. The game continues until each player has successfully gotten 2 of their enigmas guessed correctly. The player with the most points is the winner.

imagine 3“Imagine” is great fun, especially as a party game with the maximum of 8 players doing the guessing. Many of the enigmas are difficult, so players may find that no one gets the right answer from time to time. However, the more you play, the better you get at using the available transparent cards in the right way. The Toys Bulletin staff especially liked the fact that there was no drawing necessary of any kind, instead the transparent cards became the drawings, which clearly differentiates “Imagine” from other guessing games.

“Imagine” retails for $14.99 and can be purchased directly from the Gamewright website.



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