Hurricane Water Balls – Reusable Water Bombs tests some water balloons from Prime Time Toys.

Hurricane Water Balls 1We grew up with home made water balloons, so we know from experience that water balloons are one of the best ways to drench your friends with water. However, when we came across a supposed reusable water balloon that can be refilled up to 1,000 times, we were a bit skeptical, but then again, we had to take a closer look.

We play tested the “Hurricane Water Balls” with a focus group made up of two 8 year olds, a 9 year old and an 11 year old. One of the 8 year olds was a girl and the rest of the group were boys. The first words that came out of the 9 year old’s mouth, after drenching his friend with two water balls, was “these are simply AWESOME!”

To get things started, we provided a full bucket of water and handed each kid three empty water balls. Then we turned them loose, telling them to fill the water balls and go to town. Of course, everyone was drenched within seconds, so the kids themselves decided to set some ground rules. The first rule was that no one could throw a water bomb at someone while they were refilling and the second was that there could be no throwing a water bomb at someone unless they had a full one to throw back at you. Wow, we had to give these kids credit for thinking up some pretty smart ways to play. Of course, they immediately broke the rules, as they could not resist a few sneak attacks, and we observed a few water balls being dropped atop an unsuspecting head at close range as well. But, everyone seemed to be enjoying themselves. We talked to the kids after about 20 minutes of play, and they all were amazed, as were we, how easy it was to refill a water bomb using the soft silicone opening. A refill took only a few seconds. We also want to mention that our 8 year old girl kept right up, especially since she seemed to be a step quicker than the boys.

Hurricane Water Balls 2As you can tell, the “Hurricane Water Balls” were super fun to play with, and we loved watching the kids fill and refill these water bombs. Perhaps the best part for parents is that there is no messy clean up of broken water balloons, after  everyone was soaked and playtime was over. These water balls are extremely durable and we had none of them break despite the rough play. The “Hurricane Water Balls” just might be able to be refilled 1,000 times. In any case, these reusable water bombs are just plain fun. They were certainly a new twist on an old favorite and the Toys Bulletin staff gives them a “thumbs up.”

A three-pack of “Hurricane Water Balls” retails for $11.99. Check them out at



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