Hershey’s Mayhem – A Masterpieces® Puzzle

ToysBulletin.com assembles a new jigsaw puzzle from Masterpieces® Puzzle Company.

Hershey's Mayhem 1 The Toys Bulletin staff really enjoys putting together a jigsaw puzzle from time to time. In order to do it properly and get maximum feedback, we set aside a table and staff members work on the puzzle at their leisure over a week or two. Once it is assembled, we meet and talk about our experiences working on the puzzle.

In this case, we have to start by saying that the final product represented a full array of great chocolate candy treats, highlighted, of course, by the famous Hershey’s Bar. The display was colorful and the presentation was superb. “Hershey’s Mayhem” is a 1,000 piece puzzle, and the chipboard used for the pieces is made of recycled material. The completed puzzle measures 19.25″ x 26.75″ and rather than disassemble and put it back in the box once done, it is a perfect choice to frame and put on permanent display.

Hershey's Mayhem 2This is also a most challenging puzzle. Puzzles with 1,000 pieces do take up more space and generally take a bit more time, but they also present a most rewarding experience, and “Hershey’s Mayhem” was no exception. In addition, the pieces were nicely sized, felt sturdy and fit nicely together.

“Hershey’s Mayhem” retails for $14.99 and there is a great looking wooden frame, made to the exact size, also available for $19.99. Head to the Masterpieces® Puzzle Company website to get all of the details.

–RJ Cullen



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