“Find It” – Fun for both Kids and Adults

ToysBulletin.com reviews a pair of new “Find It” releases from Identity Games USA.

Find It 1“Find It” games are clever self-contained games that come in clear plastic cylindrical containers measuring 11″ long with a diameter of 4″. All of the fun rests inside the container, which is filled with thousands of tiny colored pellets hiding small items. Each of the “Find It” games has a specific theme and the hidden items relate to that theme. To view the items, the container must be twisted, turned or shaken, which allows the items to be spotted and identified. The container cannot be opened in any way.

Find It 3To make things even more fun, there are even suggested games to be played with “Find It.” For example, in the Pirate edition of the game, there is a detailed list of all 40 different items, so players will know what they are looking for. Among the items in the Pirate edition is an anchor, parrot, pirate ship and treasure chest. Players can compete to see who can be the first to find all of the items, or see who can find the most within a given time period. There is also a deck of 27 two-sided game cards, each asking a player to find an item that matches the description on the card (ie. find a blue item). If a player finds an object that matches the description, the player keeps the card and the player with the most cards is declared the winner.

Find It 2There is also one “Mystery Item” hidden inside both the Pirate edition and the Eww Gross edition, both of which we play tested. If the mystery item is located, players can even receive a special prize. We have to mention that some of the most inventive yet unusual items were contained inside the Eww Gross edition, including boogers, dandruff, a slug, some stinky shoes and a dirty toilet.

Find It 4The Toys Bulletin staff had a ball passing around both versions of the “Find It” games. It is just plain fun looking for the various items to pop up while shaking and twisting the containers. The other great thing about these games is that there is no mess, with nothing to pick up other than the game cards, if used. These games make sensational travel companions and they are small enough to fit into the smallest of bags. We only looked at the Pirate and Eww Gross editions, but there are many more to suit all tastes and interests. The retail price for any one of the “Find It” games is $19.95 and they can be purchased directly from the Find It Games website.

–RJ Cullen




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