Family Guy: Stewie’s Sexy Party Game looks at a new game release from Gale Force Nine.

family guy 1“Family Guy: Stewie’s Sexy Party Game” is a great looking, fun to play game that is full of surprises. First of all, even the rules are entertaining, filled with humor and clever references. After reading them, players know they are in for a treat.

The game includes 50 Party cards, and a Spinner, which will define the theme of the party being thrown by Stewie, There are 432 Word cards, each featuring one of 6 Family Guy characters, Peter, Lois, Chris, Meg, Brian and of course Stewie. Every Word card also includes a specific Quote, Place, Action, Person, Description or Thing. There are also 122 tokens (called Martini tokens) used to keep score and 12 additional blank Word cards, where players can go ahead and put in any name (Person) of their choosing. The game is recommended for 4 or more players ages 14 years old and up.

family guy 2To get things started, all 432 Word cards should first be shuffled, but wait, they are already pre-shuffled for lazy slackers, according to the game rules. After saving time not having to shuffle the Word cards, the smaller Party card deck does need to be shuffled. Set the Spinner in the middle of the table, and give it a spin. The pointer will determine the player that will assume hosting duties for the first round. Once the host is determined, that person spins the Spinner to determine the theme of party being thrown, with the six options being Offensive, Sexy, Shocking, Hilarious, Gross or Ridiculous. Sounds like quite a party! The host then selects one Party card at random from the Party deck. All of the other players draw 6 Word cards at random from the Word card deck.

The Party card contains a few short sentences, with blank (highlighted) spaces needing six of the types of words shown on the Word cards. The six word types vary for each Party card, but they are conveniently listed at the bottom of the Party card. The host begins the game by requesting each player to provide cards from their hand that matches the word types shown on the bottom of the Party card. Players do their best to try to select cards that best promote the party theme shown on the Party card. In some cases, players may not have a Word card that matches the type requested, and in those cases, they can select any Word card from their hand.

The host basically picks the best card given him for each of the six word types and rejects the others. If a player’s card is chosen by the host, that player is allowed to draw 2 new Word cards and add them to his hand, but if a card is rejected, the player can keep that card or discard it for another. The host is trying to collect the best set of six Word cards that will complete the sentences on the Party card and keep to the theme on the Spinner. Once the host has all of his chosen cards, he reads back the Party card substituting in the Word cards from the players in the highlighted sections on the Party card. At this point, I can assure you that all of the players will likely erupt with laughter when the host reads back the Party card. The resulting sentence or two will hopefully also fit nicely in with the theme on the Spinner. The host receives the points shown on the Party card if the majority of players think he pulled off the theme, while the other players score points by grouping similar characters on their Word cards together and earning the sum of the points shown on the cards. Martini point tokens are distributed as necessary. A new player is chosen as the host for the next round, and the eventual winner is the player with the most points after the party is over.

family guy 3Honestly, because this is a wild and crazy party game, no one will likely care anything about winning the game. The fun is the reading of the Party card after substituting in the chosen words. The Toys Bulletin staff played this game after several late nights at the office, and it was hilarious fun, loud and wild. Players can play as long as they want or keep the game short, although it is so much fun to read back the Party cards, many groups could likely play for hours.

There are also several expansion card sets available soon, including a Quagmire booster pack, as well as a pack with Blank Word cards, each allowing players to customize the game even more. “Family Guy: Stewie’s Sexy Party Game” retails for $35.00 and the expansion packs cost $8.00 each. They can all be purchased at the Gale Force Nine On-Line Store.

–RJ Cullen





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