Family Game Review: Googly Eyes – Draw While Wearing Some Wacky Glasses once again enters the craziness of Goliath Games.

The Toys Bulletin staff always looks forward to seeing what type of game will be released next by Goliath Games.  They have a solid history of creating some of the most innovative, wild and crazy games we see each year.  We fondly remember reviewing both “Gooey Louie” and “Doggie Doo” back in June 2013 and “Pop the Pig” in March 2013.

This time around, Goliath Games did not let us down.  Their latest release is called “Googly Eyes.”  The object of the game is to draw something on a tablet, and have your teammates guess what it is, all prior to a timer going off and ending the turn.  I know everyone has already played a game like that before, so what is the big deal.  Well, the catch is that the player doing the drawing must wear a pair of wild looking glasses, with lenses that completely distorts that player’s vision.  In fact, depending on the category and difficulty of the question, there are 3 different sets of lenses, each with its own set of problems for the player doing the drawing.  Goliath Games describes the glasses and lenses as “vision-altering.”



“Googly Eyes” arrives in a colorful game box, and includes the wacky pair of glasses, with adjustable band, 3 sets of “vision-altering” lenses, that pop in and out of the frames with ease, a game board (10” x 20”), 1 die, 1 timer, 4 player pawns, 1 tablet for drawing, 2 pencils, and 54 cards with 3 drawing challenges on each card.

Goliath Games suggests “Googly Eyes” for 4-16 players, ages 7 years old and up.  It is basically a game of teams competing against each other, and it is highly recommended as a family or party game.


To play the game, players (teams) alternate turns rolling the die and moving their pawn along the path on the game board.  The pawn will generally land on a space that is one of three colors, green, yellow or blue.  One player must then pick one of the challenge cards, and draw the object, place or entertainment item described on the card, which corresponds to the color of the space on which the pawn landed.  But first, the player must put on the glasses, with the lenses that match the color of the challenge.  Now, the player can draw, using the tablet and pencil, even though the player cannot see very well through the “vision-altering” glasses.  The timer is set, and his teammates try to shout out answers prior to the timer popping up and ending the turn.

If a correct answer is given, that team can move further down the game path, but if they fail to get the answer correct, they must remain on that space until their next turn.  The first team to reach the finish line on the game board wins the game.

There are also several special spaces on the game board that make the game even more interesting.  For example, on one space the player must draw with his opposite hand (left hand for right handed people or right hand for left handed people).  Another special space forces a team to lose a turn and another allows the player to choose his lens color, since some are more difficult to see through than others.

Some category examples included drawing a flying saucer, a barber shop, a toenail and even Mother Goose.  Some challenges are definitely more difficult than others, but the timer is set for a longer time, depending on the challenge.

We played “Googly Eyes” with the entire staff at Toys Bulletin.  To be honest, the glasses did make the drawings more difficult to draw, especially since there is such a short period of time to complete the drawing and get your team to guess it correctly.  Of course, wearing a pair of wacky “vision-altering” glasses automatically created a very festive game atmosphere for one and all.  Laughter reached all time highs when the player doing the drawing had to explain what he had intended, and then realized he had botched the drawing completely.  Our funniest moment was when a player was supposed to be drawing a Werewolf, and everyone insisted it looked just like an Easter Bunny.  I think you get the idea.

“Googly Eyes” retails for $24.99 and can be purchased at

— RJ Cullen

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